New York to pass law that makes it illegal to carry a gun into a business unless owner puts up a sign saying guns allowed

  • New York State will attempt to ban people from carrying firearms into places of business unless the owners put up a sign explicitly saying guns are welcome
  • Ban will include government buildings, health facilities, places where children gather and public transportation – including the New York City subway system 
  • Guns will also be banned in ‘sensitive places,’ which also include polling places and educational institutions 
  • Guns will be prevented from being carried in private businesses unless the business owner explicitly allows them
  • State lawmakers will meet in an emergency session on Thursday where the state’s gun-licensing laws will be loosened to conform Supreme Court decision 
  • Six justices in the court’s conservative majority ruled that it was unconstitutional to require law-abiding people to provide ‘proper cause’ or a kind of special need 
  • Democrat NY Gov Kathy Hochul has warned it would lead to more gun violence 
  • New York aims to keep as many gun regulations as possible while obeying court
  • Ruling explicitly warned lawmakers they could not do anything that would bar guns from the entire island of Manhattan or describe it as a ‘sensitive place’

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