New Yorkers shouldn’t have to pay SEVEN TIMES the cost for their schools as other cities.

As New Yorkers know better than anyone, everything costs more here. But seven times more? Alas, yes — at least if you’re talking about public-construction projects. The latest example: PS 33 in The Bronx, vs. a similar-sized school just across the Hudson in Jersey City, NJ.

It’s outrageous. And it goes a long way toward explaining why New York hits residents and businesses here with the highest taxes in America.

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As The Post’s Conor Skelding and Ben Blanchet report, the two new facilities are similar in almost every aspect — except price. In Jersey City, a new 53,000-square-foot charter school will offer 480 seats at a cost of $12.5 million. In The Bronx, an expansion of PS 33 will add 46,000 square feet and just 388 seats but cost a whopping $70 million. That’s $180,000 per seat in New York, compared with just $26,000 across the river, or 6.9 times more.


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