New York’s Mayor Kills Mosque Surveillance Program Then Spends $50 million on “Security Infrastructure”

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By Chris Black

Bill De Blasio is New York’s DEM mayor, and the same guy who chose to put the kibosh on Giuliani’s/NYPD’s program of mosque surveillance, with the end result being a number of Islamic terrorist attacks in the Big Apple in the last year. By the way, the last two jihadists who wreaked havoc in NY attended mosques that were previously under surveillance, prior to De Blasio’s decision to kill the program. Now De Blasio will spend 50 million dollars of taxpayers money on steel barriers and “security infrastructure”. Let me quote from a BBC report:
“The mayor of New York City has announced plans to install 1,500 steel street barriers to prevent vehicle attacks. Bill de Blasio said the protective barriers were part of a $50m (£37m) investment in security infrastructure. The move comes after two vehicle attacks in 2017 that killed nine people in total. The new permanent barriers will replace temporary concrete blocks that were put in place after the incidents…. “
PS: notice how the politically correct BBC never mentions Islamic terrorism, saying instead “vehicle attacks” as though the vehicles are the culprits.
Oh yeah. Place concrete blocks and steel bollards, but do not challenge the ideology of jihadism (holy war against infidels/unbelievers), that is normative Islam, i.e. terrorism sanctioned by the holy book (Koran)! That would challenge the actual basis of Islam: fighting the disbelievers and enslaving them in order to enrich Muslims. Without a perfect understanding of the ideology of Islam/jihadism, our political leaders will never take the correct steps (provided that they’re interested in finding a solution). Those steps are to deprogram all Muslims right out of Islam.
Jihadism is an essential doctrine (Usul al-Deen) of Islam, rather than an aberration, as mainstream media and your garden variety politicians like to pedal in their ignorance (or is it malevolence?).
For $50 million you could deport a whole slew of radicalized Muslims aka Islamists aka jihadists and make the streets normal looking, instead of barricaded up like a war zone, but that’s just me and I am not a “progressive” nor a “liberal.
Joke aside, there’s a perfectly reasonable solution to this problem though. When they’re in charge (as in a majority), Muslims enforce their ‘jizya’ (how’s that spelled?) on unbelievers for no logical reason whatsoever, except nasty, vindictive greed, but there’s clearly a good reason to do the reverse here, with a $50m bill to recoup for accommodating these muslims in as near to a civilized fashion as seems possible. If they weren’t present in New York, there wouldn’t have to be that cash outlay, and at the end of the day, New York doesn’t have to put up with them. So muslim organizations are charged for the trouble they cause, and if they don’t like it, they go. End of story.
Moreover, the only ‘permanent barrier’ that Di Blasio should concern himself with is the immediate removal of the permanent barrier he installed against the exercise of plain common sense. First, throw political correctness into the garbage where it belongs. Then monitor the mosques and madrassas, close those which preach violence, lock up or deport the inciters to violence, and educate law enforcement as to the contents of the Koran. The best defense is a good offense. Enough with the kid gloves. Let the savages know that their vile attacks will not be tolerated.
De Blasio’s so-called strategy is a losing battle: you allow people who do the killing and maiming to enter the country and swell their numbers, then blow $50 million on the illusion of so-called security measures. Ultimately it’s an exercise in futility and stupidity. The jihadists will find other means to kill and maim, because as ISIS said, they are right in our backyard. They walk side-by-side with their intended targets. Under Barack Hussein Obama, the US has become a jihadist’s wet dream. You simply can’t even put up barriers at every location. The immigration policy that has made Americans ever more vulnerable to home-ground Islamic terrorism is what needs fixing.
Secure the borders, vet the people allowed across them, deport those who are deemed parasites or a menace to our community, and you do not need barricades in your streets.

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