New Zealand: Every Non-Essential Business must close by Thursday. All People Quarantined.

– New Zealand has been lifted to alert level three and alert level four in 48 hours.

– Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said community transmission is a possibility in New Zealand now. She said, “staying at home is essential”.

– All non-essential businesses must close in 48 hours. This includes bars, restaurants, cinemas, playgrounds. Essential services will remain open.

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– All indoor and outdoor events are banned.

– Schools will close from tomorrow.

– All of these measures will remain in place for about four weeks. The government will have zero tolerance for people ignoring these restrictions, and police will be used to enforce them if required.

– The government is freezing rent increases to ease the pressure of restrictions.

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– The wage subsidy cap has been lifted to $9.1 billion.
– There are 36 new coronavirus cases in New Zealand, bringing the total confirmed count to 102.

– Most cases are linked to recent overseas travel, however, there are two that aren’t linked to travel.