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by Thinker

Trump’s Chances to Win in 2020 Improve with Every News Cycle

Omar, bringing news informing the people about how bad, the left is pushing for a nwo sharia law in the state of Illinois? How bad is the leadership in your state? What new laws are being passed to change the way you home school?

Who hates creativity, individualism, a thinker???

Anyone who hates liberty, freedom, and justice!!!

Who wants to destroy the truth, enslave the people, and change American way of life??? Are the New York Times and Washington Post against MAGA??? What do they report on besides bashing the sitting POTUS, every day??? How long will mainstream “FAKE” media, attack DJ Trump??? While Obama gives billions away, trillions missing, wars without approval, no one cared about the thousands of innocent lives in Libya that he bombed to death???

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How is it that not one American is concerned that our greatest security agencies can’t find the billions of gold stolen in the largest gold heist in the USA??? Why is America broke???
No one is counting the money, but they are spending and giving it everywhere, except to the American people.

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As long as the people aren’t asking for accountability, the theft will continue!!!

Biden Wants Beto As His VP, And He May Have Already ACCEPTED the Job



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