Next shock theory: Defund police -> police on strike -> month of purge

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by prepdoxx

Lets follow the rabbit here:

  1. George Floyd sparks police reform movement
  2. Police respond with excessive force
  3. Movement demands ‘De Fund Police’
  4. Police respond with snowflake ‘we are not being respected. respect our badge’ <– we are here

Now. what is the easiest way for the police to retaliate and make the public DEMAND their services back?

  1. Union calls for a strike. Says they wont respond to calls until public respect/ more money
  2. With no police, criminals start looting again..vandalizing, hate crimes
  3. Month of Purge – with no cops, no authority the purge begins. All rednecks come out, all hoods come out, cities burn,
  4. Exodus of people beings – big cities have large number of displaced people.

After this:

  1. Congress calls for military intervention
  2. Martial law all over the country. The real kind.
  3. Mass ‘vaccination’. More purging.

They are winning




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