Next Stimulus will NEVER come to fruition.

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There are way too many distractions happening to allow this to happen. The new rhetoric today is that jobless claims have dipped below 10M for the first time in months (along with Covid #’s being at an all time decline) and that all indicators point to a V shaped recovery in the markets.

They have also claimed that maybe this “stall period of inaction” is the exact indicator they needed to determine they may not have to enact another round of stimulus at all.

What they are failing to recognize in the assessment…is that the reason jobless claims are down, is because of the millions of claims and benefits that have expired, thus removing them from the qualifying claim bucket.

Theyre setting the stage and planting the seeds on all MSM channels that with the congressional recess already in play, that a deal (if madeat all) won’t happen until sometime in September.

Folks…it ain’t coming. And more than half of states are saying that there’s no money left over from the CARES act to distribute the additional 25% (or $100) per week in addendum to the $400 executive order that was recently signed.

If this is what you’re patiently waiting on to help sustain your way of life during this period…don’t hold your breath.

Your best interest is NOT in line with theirs…period.


h/t BigDick_Ron


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