Next time a proggie tells you that Australia has had no mass shootings since gun confiscation, present them with these facts

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Many anti-gun advocates will tell you that Australia has had no mass shootingssince they initiated a “mandatory” gun buyback. This is NOT TRUE.

What is true is that Australia has seen a RISE in gun crime. See my blog post from last year entitled, “Agenda-driven reporting: Vox claims Australia has solved its gun problem. They haven’t read “How Melbourne Became A Gun City.”

From my Melbourne blog post:

“I found a 2016 three-part series published by the Melbourne newspaper called The Age. There is no date stamp on the articles yet their statistical data charts go through 2016. The series is entitled, “How Melbourne Became a Gun City.” Here’s the title of the three articles:

Part One: Young, Dumb and Armed

Part Two: Gunslingers of the Northwest

Part Three: Chasing the Silver Bullet

A brazen new breed of criminals is taking up arms at unprecedented rates and they aren’t afraid to use them.

Despite Australia’s strict gun control regime, criminals are now better armed than at any time since then-Prime Minister John Howard introduced a nationwide firearm buyback scheme in response to the 1996 Port Arthur massacre.

Shootings have become almost a weekly occurrence, with more than 125 people, mostly young men, wounded in the past five years.”

To those who claim that mass shootings in Australia don’t exist anymore (see above picture of the womyn with the lovely sea life photos)How do you explain the following?

  • 2002 Cabramatta Shootings: An argument between a wedding guest and a table of diners at the restaurant in John Street, Cabramatta resulted in seven people being shot. Apparently the gunman shot seven people at the wedding reception because he thought their party was too noisy.
  • 2007 Melbourne CBD Shootings: The 2007 Melbourne CBD shooting was an incident that occurred in the Central Business District of MelbourneVictoria on 18 June 2007. Three people were shot, one fatally, by Christopher Wayne Hudson, 31, a member of the Hells AngelsMotorcycle Club, who opened fire on two men and a woman during an argument on the corner of William Street and Flinders Lane at about 8:20 a.m. Hudson fled from the scene and went into hiding for two days, before turning himself in to police on 20 June 2007 in Wallan, north of Melbourne.
  • 2011 Hectorville Siege: This incident began after a 39-year-old resident of the suburb, later identified as Donato Anthony Corbo, entered his neighbours’ property and shot four people, killing three and severely wounding one. An eight-hour stand-off with police followed, during which time he shot and wounded two officers. The perp had previous “dealings” with the police.
  • 2014 Wedderburn Shootings:A couple and a middle-aged man from the same family died after being shot in a neighbourhood dispute at a rural Victorian property. A siege lasting nearly four hours ensued before the suspect surrendered peacefully and was arrested.
  • 2015 Biddeston Shootings:A woman who was among three people killed at a home near Toowoomba, west of Brisbane, was heavily pregnant, police say. The bodies of a 52-year-old man, his 27-year-old daughter Kris-Deann Sharpley and seven-year-old grandson Jackson were found by a relative who also lived at the house in the township of Biddeston, 25 kilometres west of Toowoomba. Police said the adults were shot in the head at close range with a high-calibre gun, but no details have been released about the cause of the boy’s death.
  • 2015 Hermidale Shooting:Three people were found dead on a rural property in remote New South Wales. The three bodies were found on a central NSW property, with one of the deceased discovered in the driveway by a member of the public. Another body was found inside a burnt caravan which was nearby on the Hermidale property, near Nyngan, north-west of Dubbo.
  • 2016 Port Lincoln Shooting: A father shot and killed his two sons before turning the gun on himself and driving at high speed off a South Australian wharf in horrific murder-suicide.
  • 2016 Ingleburn Shooting: Gunman who shot three people dies from self-inflicted gunshot wound. Heavily armed police had surrounded Inline Signage on Heald Road at Ingleburn after a gunman opened fire and killed a 43-year-old man while also shooting two others.
  • 2016 Banksia Grove Shooting:Three shot, one dead in Banksia Grove in Perth’s north. One of the men involved in the Banksia Grove shooting which left one man dead and two others in hospital has connections to an outlaw motorcycle gang, police believe.
  • 2017 Brighton Siege: On 5 June 2017, Yacqub Khayre, a 29-year-old Somali-born Australian, murdered a receptionist and held a prostitute hostage at the Buckingham International Serviced Apartments, located in Brighton a suburb of MelbourneAustralia. In a subsequent shoot-out with a police tactical unitKhayre was killed and three police officers were wounded. Police consider the siege an act of terrorism.
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Bookmark this for future reference. Spread the truth that anti-gun advocates, media outlets and fact-challenged-girls-holding-fancy-looking-posters would rather you ignore.



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