NHS Workers in the U.K. are about to get sacked. Wtf is going on? Logic is dead.

by oxpea54

So I’ve just been watching this interview on This Morning UK:

I’m absolutely blown away by how this is even up for debate. It’s like arguing whether grass is green or sky is blue. It’s just insane. Like why do we even have to debate personal choice…

If the vaccine works, why do we care if NHS workers aren’t vaccinated? If the patients are worried, they can just get vaccinated and then they’re safe.

“But the patients are immunocompromised or they can’t get it for certain health reasons”

Okay, but the vaccinated can also spread Covid, no? So what’s the difference between an unvaccinated and vaccinated NHS worker?

“Well the vaccinated have less chance of spreading it”

Okay, well guess what gives you an even less chance of spreading Covid even while vaccinated? Staying at home and not seeing anybody.

So why don’t they just tell everyone to stay at home, as that’s the least risky position of all?

Why are people selfishly going outside and spreading their vaccinated Covid breath all over the place?

How can you say it’s wrong to spread Covid while unvaccinated, but not wrong to spread Covid while vaccinated?

How is a vaccinated Covid spreader a good person but an unvaccinated Covid spreader selfish?

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Are we saying that killing 3 people is okay but killing 5 people isn’t?

If these people truly cared about the lives of others, they’d just stay at home, no? Because they know they can kill people with their vaccinated Covid breath, no?

But no they don’t stay home, because they are selfish and they use the law as a metric for ethics. It’s absolutely blowing my mind. How in holy hell is this even a debate? These people who say the unvaccinated are selfish are literally saving a mud fly while swallowing a camel. They think they are good but they’re actually bad.

And not only that. If you watch the interview I posted… the lady on the left on the table starts saying that although everyone has a right to choose what goes in their body, it’s still not a person’s right to put another person’s health at risk.

WHAT THE F*K. YOU CAN STILL SPREAD COVID WHILE YOU ARE VACCINATED. So it’s actually *you who are putting people at risk.

Are these people robots? How one track minded can a person be.

Taking someone’s job away is an imposition and an ultimatum. People cannot choose to keep their job. There is a victim – the unvaccinated person losing their job.

Not getting vaccinated is not an imposition, and it’s not an ultimatum. People can choose to interact with that unvaccinated person or not. There is no victim. If someone gets sick because I’m unvaccinated, that’s their fault for being in my proximity. I do not force them to be near me.

A person’s desire to feel safe DOES NOT trump my right to be free.

Forcing vaccination is an imposition. Immoral.

Not getting vaccinated isn’t an imposition on anybody. Not immoral.

How the f*ck is this even up for debate. People have lost it.


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