Nice to see Rush finally calling out Fox news for what they have become.

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by History Teaches

Every day Rush has punctuated his comments casually with “I saw on Fox news,” or “I was watching Fox news” and so forth. Still implying credibility. Old habits from the past when he was buddies with Ailes. And also, default viewing because of even more monolithic programming elsewhere.

In recent months he dropped some hints about being disappointed or surprised at their shift. Obviously he knows much more about the “inside baseball” media stuff as he characterized it.

And he also still references headlines from Drudge, though recently a caller put him on the spot about that. He had to admit a change has taken place.

He seems a little conflicted about embracing alternative news sites though he does sometimes refer to specific stories and sources.

Part of his dilemma is background and habit. Right wing and conservative thought through the eighties till Trump has essentially meant think tanks, academic analysis, elite publications. A core of which now can be seen as the Never Trumpers and Rinos. Elite and distanced from the real world and very happy to accept their small corner in the swamp as long as it brought prestige and status within that circumscribed territory.

I think Rush has really evolved during the last few years, but finds it hard to totally break away from long time friends within the old school Rino world.

The reason I mention Rush is because he is still the most well known, widely followed conservative media figure. For economic reasons he has to balance a lot of what he does. He has sponsors, outlets in most cities, is monitored by friends and enemies.

At least by showing some disillusion with Fox and Drudge he may be moving into bolder territory. And making Rino life more uncomfortable.



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