Nigel Farage just gave an OUTSTANDING Speech on Brexit, Gets a Standing Ovation

by Thinker

“Deep state Europe is feeling the same effects as “deep state” USA…the people feeling the same way. Tried of being taxed to death in nations with corrupt leadership who “TRUTH” is showing they weren’t supporting and representing the people, but the profits for themselves and the corporations they’ve made it a point to protect. Every politician who supported mass migration was supporting a new world order under satan. All over the world and in Europe the citizens have had enough of the waves of refugees for global chaos. What’s happening now is a blowback effect and many leaders are feeling the pressure from the people.

On the move to an independent self governing nation that makes its own laws…no deal…no problem!!! Only “TRUTH” will set the people free!!!

“She Needs to Resign” Nigel Farage DESTROYS Theresa May over brexit handling



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