Nigel Farage unveils George Soros corruption within the EU

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This video was from around the time of the Panama Papers leaking out to the press. Nigel pointed to the hypocrisy of the EU council when speaking about foreign interference in their political discourse. He openly calls out members for the affiliation with George Soros and his associated organizations like Open Society.

Says that George Soros’ influence is the biggest case of foreign election interference in world history.

Soros funds the left in the USA though, he’s got his hands in it from EVERY angle.

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He funds BAMN, who funds ANTIFA, who then spread violence in the streets.

He funds Media Matters, who are in bed with Journalists in the MSM to spread disinfo.

He funds Open Society, who is in bed with Colleges to indoctrinate the youth into socialism.

And He Funds Political Campaigns so he can make his desires law.

The only Agency he has no sway over is the Executive Branch.

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He is the greatest enemy from within that the USA has ever had to deal with. Soros needs to be stopped.

Brexit is the best thing to happen to Britain, but it’s probably already too late for them. In 20 years the caliphate will have taken over the entire island.

Germany and France are gone in 20 years as well.

The USA still has a chance though.


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