No Futures, No Game

by Chris

As usual, if you are not a savvy participant playing the rigged futures game, you are pretty much locked out of the bounces.

So far today 100% of all the “gains” were locked in the futures market.  None have yet happened in the cash market.  You can easily see this in this cash market chart of the S&P.  The vertical line happened in the overnight “”market””

Are you a cash market player?  Well, then you missed the entire bounce so far if you were looking to “buy the dip.”  You’d ahve to have done that yesterday right before the close, when things looked dark and uncertain.

Who did do that?  Almost certainly the outfits that are in on the rescues. These cannot be done alone by the PPT.  At least I don’t think so.  They’d need partners, not unlike the US military using Blackwater, now Xi.

Perhaps someone like Citadel perhaps?  Or Blackrock?  Or both? Those would be my choices.  If you worked there, and were in on the rescues, that would be a certified mint.  Scoop up shares at the close from crushed hedge funds and panicked individuals and then sell them back to them at much higher prices the next day and you’re out with tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars for a day’s “”work.””

No risk, just pure reward.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

It’s good to be king!


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