No Matter How Disgusting Or Vile, Every American Citizen's Right To Speak Freely By Our Constitution

by Mark Angelides

There is a pervasive idea doing the rounds in the media (and also stated by Mr. Piers Morgan), that the First Amendment Right to Free Speech should not cover Nazis or sentiments related to racism. But limits of ANY kind are a stepping stone to censorship and tyranny.
It verges on the ludicrous to suggest that “free speech applies for all, except fascists” is a measured response. When one group of people (or group of ideas) is forbidden from open speech, it sets a very dangerous precedent. If today, we say that speech from “X “ is banned, then all that remains is a simple step of associating group “Y” with group “X” to censor.
The precursors are already here. The MSM is spinning that those on the “right” of politics are in some way to blame for the tragic events in Virginia (as opposed to just the people who actually were involved). During a recent CNN piece on Who Is Antifa? A spokesperson and organizer made the point that voices on the right should not be allowed to spread their “hatred” (and of course, CNN let this slide)…And here’s the point…Who would be designated the “moral arbiter” over what is and isn’t hate speech?
If speech (or demonstration, for that matter) is to be restricted, there needs must be someone or some institution that makes the final decision on what or who is to be limited; there is no doubt that this would be a political body. This “body” would, by its nature, have too much power! It is an horrendous abuse that people we don’t know, through powers that are not freely given as individuals would have the right to tell us what we can and cannot say.
Granting another person power over your personal expression is troubling enough, but the left are trying to shut down ALL platforms of expression on views they (and in this case, I) find abhorrent.
Even if their intentions are well-meaning, their ideas are still wrong-headed. The real way to shut down an idea you disagree with, a platform you abhor, or an ideology you find fundamentally offensive, is NOT to shout at people and call them names. It is daylight and debate.
White Supremacists (and black ones, too) have dumb ideas. The way to shut them down is not through marching against them, or protesting, or crying on the complicit media, but to bring them out in the open, argue with them, debate them, and show the world how poorly though-out their ideas actually are. The public forum is enough to break the centre of these groups! But to do this, the “Left” would need to actually control themselves and behave like rational adults: no shouting, no censorship, just one idea battling another.
It’s time for the Right of politics to start challenging this kind of ideology, but with arguments that are smarter and better, not with tears and false condemnations.

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11 thoughts on “No Matter How Disgusting Or Vile, Every American Citizen's Right To Speak Freely By Our Constitution

  1. “Freedom of Speech?! We are not going to commit suicide.” Vladimir Lenin
    Welcome to the USSA.
    Prominent Russians: Vladimir Lenin
    He is the founder and the guiding spirit of the Soviet Republics – a communist philosopher, ardent disciple of Karl Marx, leader of the Bolshevik Party and the mastermind of the 1917 October Revolution. Some consider him a prophet, others a tyrant; there are those who call him a saint, many more – a devil. What is certain is that Lenin played an enormous role in the history of the 20th century. He reshaped Russia and had millions of people bent to his will. Lenin applied communist ideas to real life and his “experiment” forever changed the face of the world.

  2. Funny headline so when whites speak it is vile but when the other races speak it is not. Still the jew is pushing the nazi buzz word to minimize the fact that there is currently a war against Whites and their culture. Now we can see what all this immigration was really about. Let us see Islamics are good, Blacks are good, illegal Hispanics are good but white’s no way. Whatever the nazi group and they were only a small minority that showed up for this gathering speaks to the effect what has been going on doe’s not throw out the facts. When have seen beating’s and murders against whites and nothing mentioned this folks is evil in every way look at the 24/7 news coverage look at the movies look at TV shows these agendas are being pushed Diversity, Sodomites, Mixed marriages etc etc etc. For you so called Christians what did you forget to inspect the fruit? Show me in the bible where God told you the above was except able and I will show where it is not.

  3. The right to freedom of speech must be absolute. If we allow them to shut down one group’s right to free speech, they’ll cite that example to shut down the next group’s. And the next group’s. And the next group’s.
    That’s why they’re starting with shutting down speech virtually nobody will agree with – once they have their precedent, it will be easy to get to the second target. And with 2 precedents, it’ll be even easier to go to the third.
    First they’ll forbid Nazi speech, then they’ll forbid Communist thoughts, anyone who thinks there’s only 2 genders, and then they’ll outlaw questioning 9/11, Iraq’s WMDs or Iran’s nukes, then they’ll go after Trump deplorables, Sanders socialists, …
    In the end, the only 2 allowed political expressions will be “Heil Clinton!” and “Heil Bush!”.
    2 figureheads with the same agenda will likely remain to keep the appearance of this being a free country.

  4. What is this “disgusting or vile” shit? Notice nobody in the alt-lite media actually examined one word they said at Charlottesville? The alt-lite just parroted CNN, because they are birds of a feather. They’re in it for the shekels.

  5. I love that the media and celebrities who work in free speech/free expression are lecturing us about the dangers and evils of such things.

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