President Trump Deserves Credit For Improved Relations With China And North Korea. Thank You, President Trump.

by Ruby Henley
President Trump deserves credit for improving relations with China and North Korea.  He met with the President of China at Mar-A-Lago some months back, asking for China’s help in dealing with North Korea.  We are indeed seeing as of the present, China and the US forging stronger ties between the two countries and miitaries.  Also, and more importantly so, we are seeing improving ties between North Korea and the US.

Some reports from the news media stated President Trump had been fooled by the President of China, as Trump spoke with optimism that the two leaders had forged a bond during the summit at Mar-A-Lago.  Actually we are seeing, in fact, what President Trump believed is indeed true.
The following report is taken from:
Pentagon, China to forge closer bond after Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford signed a deal with his Chinese counterpart on Tuesday “to formalize and increase operational communication between the U.S. and Chinese militaries,” The Wall Street Journal reported this morning from Beijing. “The agreement calls for a formal dialogue to commence in Washington in November, U.S. military officials said…Officials stressed that the new agreement was a “hopeful first step” in bringing closer together the two militaries so they can coordinate better. But they cautioned it would only be valuable if it led to substantive discussion between the Pentagon and the PLA.”
As you can see, we are moving forward in our relationship with China, while we are still insisting that North Korea must be dealt with.  The fact that North Korea has decided to remove the threat to Guam at this time is partially due to China’s influence.
President Trump recently tweeted:

He praised North Korea’s Kim Jong Un for making “a very wise and well reasoned decision” by backing off somewhat from his threat to launch missiles near Guam by “mid-August.” Noted the president, “The alternative would have been both catastrophic and unacceptable!”
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters, “We continue to be interested in trying to find a way to get to dialogue, but that’s up to him.”
The ball is in Kim Jong-un’s court so to say.  Since he is said to be an excellent basketball player,  I think he will appreciate that.
I do want to stress that as many criticized the way in which Trump handled the situation with North Korea, we must, in fact, look at the final outcome at the point.  The outcome at this time is improved relations with North Korea and, also, with China.  I think it would be wise for the citizens of the United States to examine the results of President Trump’s actions instead of picking away at his modus operandi so to speak.  There needs to be more respect shown to this 45th President of the United States!
The Trump administration had been engaged in regular back-channel diplomacy with Kim’s regime at the UN. The two sides—represented by Joseph Yun, the U.S. envoy for North Korea policy, and Pak Song Il, the North Korean diplomat at the UN mission—had been discussing U.S. citizens detained in North Korea as well as  relations between the two countries. Meanwhile, Rex Tillerson, the U.S. secretary of state, and James Mattis, the defense secretary, in an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal said the U.S. wanted a diplomatic solution to the tensions, and insisted the U.S. wasn’t seeking regime change in the North.  
This is wonderful news, and we are seeing that China has helped in this new development with North Korea.  Thus, President Trump and the State Department has worked together to diminish the chance of war between North Korea and the United States. Of course, we still have far to go, but we are certainly moving in the right direction.
China has played a vital role in the  reduction of tensions. Beijing wields much influence over North Korea, and it took steps to ban the import of iron, lead, and coal from the Country. China accounts for more than 90 percent of trade with North Korea, and these restrictions  are expected to cost North Korea about $1 billion annually.  Kim Jong-un, despite of his many flaws, is interested in improving his Country economically.  I think we have a reason to be optimistic, as we may see a historic dialogue between the US and North Korea soon.

North Korean state-run media reports leader Kim Jong Un was apparently presented with the plans to launch four ballistic missiles toward the island of Guam, but he decided to hold off for now. South Korea’s president also weighed in on the threat on Tuesday. Ben Tracy reports.

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  1. Unfortunately I bet that this was ALL staged by Red China so Trump would back off on fightin to get a better trade agreement that was supposed to be renegotiated this week.

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