No Peace US Approves $45mn Sale of 3,200 Bombs & Bunker Busters to Bahrain

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by Thinker

Peace has gotten lost among the weapons, deaths, and endless wars for profits. When you ask a soldier these days, who they are fighting for or what, no answer is the same. Only the weapons manufacturers are ringing in every holiday with joy, while the soldiers who fight and die are forgotten and replaced with another. All the money that has been spent for weapons for war and all the wars around the world…what have they really done for ANYONE, except the CONTRACTOR cashing the check?

The US has cleared the sale of 3,200 bombs valued at about $45 million, including powerful bunker busters, to Bahrain. The Persian Gulf monarchy is hosting the US 5th Fleet and has been involved in the Saudi-led bombing of Yemen. The order would consist of 1,500 Mark-82 general purpose bombs; 600 Mark-83 bombs; 600 Mark-84 bombs; and 500 BLU-109 “bunker busters,” bombs armed with special warheads designed to penetrate hardened targets, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency announced on Friday. The ordnance is intended for Bahrain’s US-made F-16 combat jets, and would come directly from US government stocks. Bahrain “will use these munitions as a deterrent to regional threats, strengthen its homeland defense, and execute counter-terrorism operations,” the agency said, as well as “operate with US-led and US-supported coalition operations.”

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It was not immediately clear where the US-supplied bombs might be used, and against whom.

Bahrain is part of both the US-led coalition fighting against:

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Flashback 2011 – Former CIA Director Jim Woolsey on US support for Bahrain

Former CIA Director Jim Woolsey was interviewed in February about why the United States should continue to support Bahrain and why the situation in the progressive Gulf country is different from the “Arab Spring” uprisings.

2018 – MASSIVE Oil Reserve Found In Bahrain! – Another War for Oil & Refugee Replacement of thousands?

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More land to rape and pillage, watch the next nation destroyed for greed, power, control and a new world order for pedophiles. Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent finding in Bahrain of 80 billion barrels of oil, the size of Russia’s entire reserve. Bahrain which is known to be an energy minnow in the markets has just found a massive oil reserve inside their country which may be on the market in the next 5 years. The tight oil reserve is 80 billion barrels and could spell disaster long term for the country which will now be a major power player in the petroleum industry.

We report on how massive oil reserves, gold and diamonds have affected other countries who were then giving some “democracy” by the United States soon after. Bahrain has been a big cooperator with the United States in the past but the global complex may not feel the same anymore. We shall see as this story continues to develop.

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