NO SOLUTION: Is It “Antifa”, Or The Federal Reserve That’s THE REAL TERRORIST GROUP

via silverdoctors:

Until Americans recognize the Fed is a domestic terrorist group, therein lies the problem. America has a LONG way to fall…

How do you solve a problem that can’t be solved?

America is descending into third world status right now, and we’re descending at breakneck speed.

I thought silver was going to gap up more than it did last night:

And while the “analysts” will be quick to say it all has to do with the Trade War, or the Fed’s monetary policies, or the US Dollar, or whatever, I think it comes down to avoidance.

That is to say, America has gone from bad to worse, in a matter of six months, and even more so over the last week, and over the weekend, I think anybody who lives in a peaceful place, as in, not an urban cesspool of greed and corruption, enjoyed the peace and quiet.

For those whose lifestyle can afford such luxury, the weekend was not passed by people traveling to the city to go to the shopping mall, to buy clothes they don’t need, nor was the weekend passed by dining out, but rather, the weekend was filled by people doing things closer to home, doing things that cost very little money or at least add value.

One neighbor was planting a tree.

Others were swimming.

Some riding bikes.

And so on.

So forth.


I understand why my family made the decision, in 2016, to get-up and move across the country, from a large sized city to a small sized town.

You see, it doesn’t really matter if it’s Trump, or Hillary, or Biden, or whoever.

The Titanic sinks.

Which is part of my frustration, because I feel that rallying around Trump is like rallying around the captain of the Titanic.

But I digress.


It’s too late, and people are trapped where they are, so they’re either dealing with urban disaster, or they’re well positioned to ride this thing out.

Here’s the problem, and by understanding the problem, we can understand that there is no solution: Corrupt authority thinks the good rioters are wrong, and the criminal rioters think the public-serving authority is wrong.

No solution.


The gold-to-silver ratio fell again overnight:

In my opinion, it’s highly likely we see the crossover this very week.

52-week highs will bring out the Peter Brandt’s of the world:

They always come out when the moves are so obvious that any four year-old playing connect the dots could make the call.

I’m not sure how they keep gold from breaking to the upside:

Trade war, riots, looting, civil unrest, economic collapse, extremely-over-valuated stock market, Fed monetary policy, fiscal deficit spending, lockdowns, shutdowns and quarantines aside, while I’m a Silver Bug at heart, if I’m bugging-out of the city, guns blazin’, fleeing for my life, with the mutant zombie cart riders in hot pursuit from behind, and the meth-jacked street vermin rushing me from the side, and only thing standing between me and my freedom is a half a mile of muddy muck and a bribe for safe passage, I’d have a gold coin in my pocket, so there’s that.

Besides, are we really going to get rejected for a 4th time inside this sideways choppy channel?

I think we’ve consolidated and corrected over time, so we’ll see.

As such, I’m looking for gold to be reaching parity with palladium very soon:

Although I do think palladium will ultimately catch a bid as a safe haven.

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Platinum continues to look good here for deeper-pocketed investors:

If silver moves, look for platinum to surprise to the upside, and also look for the analysts to scream “overbought”.

They’re gonna need a lot of copper to rebuild the cities:

Although they might just leave them burnt and crumbling.

I mean, that’s what we do in the Middle East, right?

We destroy it and just leave it in a heap of rubble?

People who have a stake in the oil industry just had their hearts broken:

I suppose we could have a summer driving season, but this year, what’s the point?

I call it economic misery and financial ruin for a reason.

One of the things authority doesn’t understand is, well, they really need to let the stock market crash:

Because you don’t savagely destroy the bottom 90% of America without viciously burning the top ten percent either, or, well, yeah.

The bottom 90% will get its vicious burning, one way or another.

It really is a sick joke to see America’s cities burning to the ground, yet not a care in the world from “traders” and “investors”:

The spiking fear is coming, just know that the VIX is the single easiest thing to manipulate in the “market”.

The melt-down bottom in yield is, therefore, in my opinion, coming very, very soon:

And then, hopefully, we’ll have seen the bottom in yield.

I saw a headline about a “dollar shortage” again, and another saying “raise cash”:

The sad part is, the uninformed will continue believing that nonsense until they realize their purchasing power has been vaporized.

Bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Monday in early June?

The problem is that America has no solution, there is only collapse.

Because both sides are equally correct, both sides are right.

And at the same time, both sides are equally wrong.

And since sacrifice was checked at the door?

Nobody’s willing to give one single inch.

In the interest of the United States.

What about public service?

Well, it’s not service.

It’s a disgrace?




Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar



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