From Activist Post- fair use: I’m sure you’ve seen this by now but, I wanted to show a couple of streamers, comment on them and ask how will you survive the ON-GOING culling of Earth’s inhabitants.

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  1. The Constitution has been gone for everyone for awhile now already. The only American people who still have the US Constitution for them and their families are the families of God who received their Constitutional Rights by Grace of that Good News Gospel through Jesus Christ who’s the sin breaker and sinful law nullifier even.
    Holy Creator God even Jesus Christ is not any inalienable right Indian Giver with anything for anyone He is, does,or gives to any other person place and thing covenanted with also. However on the side of creation that covenant promise of anyone inalienable right comes with a condition that must be met or maintained by creation. Created or creation has to be aligned fully completely obedient even with Him the Creator and any of His Magnificent works.
    So God gives Grace to all freely. How they accept or deny that is to each his or her owns rise or fall. And then as always like any parent must do for their kids one day. One day Grace get’s removed so the sibling must find out if what they’re built on sinks or swims or flies or falls exclusivity on what’s built into each sibling from their parent God or god even.
    I imagine when reading and considering Jobs life from the Old Testament. I imagine it looked and sounded and felt to Job and others like God’s Grace and hedge of protection had been removed from Job and his first family. That’s exactly what happens sometimes sooner or later to everyone in creation whether they deserved it or not. And when that happens to any person all one has to go on is the Promises that God and that person integrated and built into there life and being. If little to no Promises of God were ever heard or built on? Then great will that persons life and fall be. But if many Promises and many principles of God and His Word where built on by any human being person? Then when that ones time of testing comes they end up being like a Lighthouse for God.
    Matthew 7:26-27 HCSB “But everyone who hears these words of Mine and doesn’t act on them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand.” “The rain fell, the rivers rose, the winds blew and pounded that house, and it collapsed. And its collapse was great!”
    And also because the U.S.C is the Supreme Law of the Land whether there are actually any Supreme’s left alive or not doesn’t really matter. Because it wouldn’t even negate that fact and Principal Promise of God to His People and Land even here within the United States of America which still belongs to Creator God who’s name is Holy as with His Son Jesus the Christ also.
    Matthew 20:25-26 HCSB
    “But Jesus called them over and said, “You know that the rulers of the
    Gentiles dominate them, and the men of high position exercise power over
    them. ” “It must not be like that among you. On the contrary, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant”.
    Now notice from Matthew 20:26 and Matthew 7:27 those words “great”. Those are the same word and same meaning of that word great. 3173 in the Greek from Strong’s Concordance also. Great= (yaw-kheed) from 3161 also. Originally that great meaning,”to be or become one,join,unite,to be united,meet Genesis 49:6 NASB “Let my soul not enter into their council; Let not my glory be united
    with their assembly; Because in their anger they slew men, And in their
    self-will they lamed oxen.” 3173 in later on from that original meaning of “great” in Greek word etymology. “united”,beloved,lonely (feminine),the life (as not to be replaced),only child,darling,only son,desolate,solitary,lonely.”deliver my soul from the sword and power of the dog”.
    And like anything. When God’s people,family,body and church and creation in the world all fail in doing that effectively enough for any person,place or thing…Ammon and Cliven Bundy even? Then God still does and performs His Word all on His Own. And then the rest of get rebuked from Top down because we stood against God and His Works and family and people and Body of His in this world.
    Notice that enough yet? Even this.
    “It must not be like that among you. On the contrary, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant”.”
    God speaking to me bare minimum. It MUST NOT BE LIKE THAT AMONG YOU.
    I attest to this fact. There are likely to be many who say they’re for us but they were NOT of US nor remained with Us. or they would have stayed WITH US even where our body is. But not only did they go out from us but they never really ever came to be One with us.
    So there will likely be many “great” who seek only the profit and popularity from anything and everything God and us does. But if they do not build right even according to God’s Own faith and Word? Then they’ll be a screwed,rode hard,put away wet,damaged,wasted,spoiled,rotten and as pestilent and leprous as Hillary Clinton if not eve worse!
    So “great” will be for God. Or “great” will be for the Devil. And all carnal man who is devoid of the Holy Spirit of God is ever able to do even at all their best and best intentioned is serve the Devil in this life and the next. because the pathway to Hell is paved with carnal man minds own good intentions!!!
    Do you want to please God and not just man? Then go to God’s Word in the New Testament and do it along with Jesus Christ soon as your own ass get’s saved! And for whoever and Christsakes DON’T ever try to save or deliver anyone else at least until you and where you stand is all saved in consecrated to Holy God!!!

    • This country is too far gone, (train wreck over the abyss) and many have given up and won’t vote in any election. Politicians are bought off with grant money for their district or personal profit. A new S. court justice will go after the guns.
      Glad we never raised kids and I have warned others of the risk of starting a family with this country having a zero future selling out to China and other countries. get with a barter group of like minded friends. Ditch all other friends or relatives who are duds and morons, they will be trouble later on.

      • Make no mistake about it. God of Creation even through His Son isn’t done with this American countries covenanted land ,nor His People,nor His Bride which is also His Church who also holds ALL the Keys to ALL the Gates of ALL their enemies included also those Keys of death and Hell.
        So since that is Fact. Then what are you fretting about? Because what now happens bad or good in America happens to the rest of the world somewhere else also. It’s all tied together and some of it’s Deliberately left loose Both on the side or good and evil. And the currency crisis often effects all.
        So nothing is ever too far gone for Creator God and His Son my Lord and Savior to rescue and rebuild. But there is some people and some paces He will never try to build upon again. So Hes still building up and cutting loose free from others. That whole binding and loosening principal of God’s Scripture. You know. “What you bind on earth is also bound in heaven and what’s loosed on earth is also loosed in heaven.”
        So God isn’t done working with His people,His Nations,His kingdoms and even His Stewards governments and kingdoms which are all aligning themselves up for an incredible supernatural ass whooping from God and ME!
        So go have children. Just don’t do it all the same way everyone in society tells you you must! Zero future belongs to those who have false authority and have used that impostor fraud rule to usurp everything while sucking the life out of the human soul of everyone.
        You’ve got some valid points. Whoever isn’t with you? Ditch them after you can’t reach them anymore because they’re or even we’re against you now then.
        And I’m against you because you sound entirely faithless and accursed. So you don’t have much hope. Do I have a magnetic sign on my forehead that says,”send me your hopeless,faithless bastards cursed,afflicted and drowning in all sin flesh of carnal man who still wants all their own self sin life?
        That’s also saying this. Don’t worry about China or anyone else! Worry about your own ass and family name and it’s posterity or lack there of!

        • I’m just stating basic facts, to get house in order, and to quit wasting time with losers and duds. You are naive and ill informed, lack spiritual discernment thinking this country isn’t under judgement. what a crock of bs! sounds like you attend a liberal church with liberal clergy. Ditching losers: how can two walk together unless they agree, bad company corrupts, do not partake of evil deeds like sloth or decadent living. Why waste time with those who are shallow seeking after self indulgence? You completely missed my point, so get a life and focus on your family preps and quit tearing down those who knowl this country is trashed..God has slammed the door on America you moron.

          • L.A., Pale isn’t a moron. Your viewpoint is correct, and so is his. America is finished, just as you said. This is a sodomite nation that slaughters babies and denies God. So bye bye America and its a death richly deserved.
            But the unimaginable chaos/anti-christ that is pending is far too much for any number of like-minded men to withstand. There is NO WAY I can secure the safety of my family against what is coming against America and mankind. And believe me, I worked on doing just that.
            One day recently, I understood in my spirit that the chaos is specifically intended to be overwhelming. It is a dividing wedge, dividing followers of Christ from followers of Satan. People will be forced to choose whom to follow, and although Christians will suffer quite a bit, the Holy Spirit will be so strong among them that we will sing during persecution, and for those of use taken for execution, look forward to the execution of our physical bodies.
            We will marvel at the wonders God displays during all this. Its His show, His climatic end to Satans rule ovedr earth and the final inceration of Satan and his slaves.
            So my brothers, place your faith in the love of God. He takes care of His own, and very soon we will rejoice together in Paradise. We have nothing to fear. Absolutely nothing. Sorrows might come tonight, but joy will rise in the morning.
            Love one another, lead the lost to Christ, maintain your faith and stand firm until the end.

          • Truth to: Thanks for the input, I felt Pale’s post was critical of my views on preparing and ditching people who drag others down by their lifestyles. America is over and done because of abortions, gay marriage and other gov. condoned activities. Voting at this point is useless. It will be hard to secure our family and many admit storing supplies will be fruitless as many will have to flee and hide out in the boonies. It will be perilous times for sure. This is not a time to start a family for young folks.

          • I’ve grown old” beginning at least since 2008 in so many ways most can’t even understand nor appreciate. Additionally to that I’ve NOT had my own life since 1997. So it’s crystal clear to me by now. That common words for common faith Christianity do and yet mostly DO NOT APPLY to me any longer! I’ve NOT been able to “choose my path” for many MANY years now. I realize God always wants people to have choice. But for some of us He makes our path much more narrow and much more demanding or specific rather then MOST anyone else I met or ever heard about even! That’s also saying I’ve not even ever met the man who’s the half of me in my same or similar physical condition.
            I DO NOT Choose my Path except for “seeking peace with all men” even knowing exactly who and what I am! So I usually find out after it’s too late that “my path” was chosen by Someone else in the same Body,Family or world!!! And even then I never get to have any say or input because,”the poor man is despised and his words are not heeded”. Ecclesiastes 9:16
            John 21:18
            “Truly, truly, I say to you, when you were younger, you used to gird
            yourself and walk wherever you wished; but when you grow old, you will
            stretch out your hands and someone else will gird you, and bring you
            where you do not wish to go.”
            So make NO MISTAKE about ANY of it or ME and My God and HIS CALLING on My life which is ALL entirely HIS even! I know exactly where I Stand! And in so many ways it’s very similar to where the Bundy’s,peaceful protesters and militia stood out at the Wildlife Refuge Resource Center out in Harney County Oregon at least when they got to one point of that. Help had to come to them. And in that same way now even. If any is working for my same God and if they have whatever it takes to serve Him and even me here where I already am? Then likewise. Now help (if I or God or any of His Just Cause even needs help?) Then Help from God,for God and By God and back to God even for His own Must now come to me where I already AM!
            So figure out you own gifts and calling. Then do them. Because you and that word to me here isn’t it!

          • Judgement of this country that it’s under by no means translates to that being anything over. I know because I am one of many main men who are bringing judgement to this country in a Way God and I will control it and the outcome best possible for everyone and everything living.
            Maybe you’d like to get acquainted with some of the real American people just like me right here in My God and I’s United States of America?
            We know your plan to take down America and it’s land owners and God and I are here to tell you and yours. No you won’t!!! It was also confirmed by betrayal of Americans and their land rights from a Texas based sell out to virtual silence alternative media that 3 to 4 hundred locals wanted to hear what Levoy Finicum and Ammon Bundy had to share with them as per the Constitution and their lands and cattle farming. So from that link that also confirms some 3 to 4 HUNDRED local American Ranchers came out to hear what was going on. Because hardly ANYONE ANYWHERE was telling or reporting the truth! Very strange because the campground owner in this second link says reporters had been in and out of her RV park and restaurant all the time. Just doing there thing.But here on the east coast I didn’t get to hear virtually anything going on out there. And that makes me quite upset with Obama and the rest of the yellow bellied lemmings obeying this bad POTUS!
            Here is some more of the real story if you can handle Truth! If you can’t? Then buzz of scum!
            I like the part where Ammon Bundy would come over to her RV park often and ask her if everything was ok and if there was any trouble anywhere?
            Now one thing I’m a little confused about maybe you can or someone can enlighten me some because the whole rest of you seem so damn well informed. I saw a video of Ammon early on in Dec 2015 out in Burn Oregon stating Stuart Rose did NOT support him being there doing what he was doing. But yet now you have this video news interview with a local resident business owner of an RV park that sounds like it was practically across the street from the Maher wildlife refuge out in Harney County Oregon.
            I think Alex Jones couldn’t stand the idea that 1776 was actually happening and it was going on just like it had started up in the northern parts of America. See I think Alex has quite an insane bias idea that 1776 has to come out of the south like with his state of Texas and that state of Nevada where he and his media platform before they sold out to the Devil helped cover Cliven Bundy in Bunkerville Nevada when Cliven’s Ranch was surrounded by 200 armed BLM agents,snipers and contract cowboys.
            Does the UN,Federal Reserve,Obama POTUS and White House really need the American people’s ‘SURFACE LAND RIGHTS’ that bad so to screw with them all this much!
            There were even some reports of UN French paramilitary who landed and were ready for combat out in Harney County Oregon.
            Now if you have a comment of help in shedding some more light on any of this then by all means you had better speak up and say it and post it now.
            This isn’t just a Federal Government BLM/UN land grab all throughout the United States from coast to coast. This is also a Plumb Creek/Weyhauser merger for land and land rights and people civic rights to themselves and their lands they pay property taxes on even all handed over to the UN for “UN guidance”!
            That’s right!
            On Weyhausers web sight go to SUSTAINABILITY. Then go to the link GOVERNANCE. And then scroll down till you find it printed right there. Weyhauser and their land management merger with Plum Creek in now under UN guidance.
            So it would make sense then if UN French paramilitary soldiers had touched down in America during this thing out there in Oregon. But it sounds like they left right away. So who knows for sure and who got pictures?
            That’s just some of why it’s absolutely insane to have complete media blackout ordered anywhere anytime!!! That was ordered from Obama or above even and that simply WILL NOT DO because it’s negligence also from Government offices that ended up getting at east one American shot to death out there.
            Obama,Hillary and Harry Reid. Next time you have an idea to order any operation like that joint FBI/CIA “find,fix and finish” then you make darn sure you clear that idea and order and timing and place of it with me first!!! Because I’m the one who has more legal and lawful authority,jurisdiction and good purpose anywhere here in America with my Creator God,U.S.C. and Court Declaration notarized signature of mine way more about good and peaceable even one person assembly more then you all, and much more then your fraud mammon is able to buy and usurp from underneath any of us Americans!!!

          • By now I must admit I made a mistake today and I got my Hebrew definition put in place for what should have been Greek. So that must make me a loser and dude getting that same 3173 number looked up in the wrong place. But it still was quite interesting and had alot to do with me and stuff I could resonate with.
            So let me know when you want to do another bible study with me please?
            That’s why I’m not a teacher. I must need more practice being what I shouldn’t often be and I am not, but I still must sometimes just in case someone or myself needs it? haha!

    • Since the Annonaki were here first and for 148,000 years roamed and ruled the earth first-why was the bible copied from the Sumarian stones and tablets and why were 127 books left out? Copy cats!

      • If you’ve got questions about the Annonaki then you’re going to have to ask someone who’s still around from their tribe. Or ask their God. I’m neither and with neither back then or now. So I don’t speak for them. I’m made of and from that Stuff and that God that existed before the foundations of the world even existed and came on scene. I still don’t say I’m billions and billions and billions of years old. For one thing because it’s never been about me. It’s always been about the Ancient of Days Himself and what He’s ever done is always what matters most. You know. Not just history but actually HIS-STORY because He always been the ONLY Creator God who’s name is HOLY even where there’s never been any greater nor any with more power or authority. Because once again all else is still from any age just the created or creation who is NOT the Creator. Back then creation had rules and laws and precepts of God’s natural law and order that all creation was to obey and follow also. But as you can plainly see now. Those people and those so called so advanced civilizations are no longer with us on earth nor any long among the living are they? They knew best though didn’t they? Not once they started rebelling against Creator God and His Laws and Boundaries He required all to live within. And then when they didn’t and choose not to because they had free will too? God remained true to Himself and His word then too. And they who rebelled against that God of Life and God of Creation eventually found themselves outside the life,looking in at the Life. But not being able to ever enter back into it and live again or live on the way it once had been. So don’t worry about times past and persons or beings long gone now also. Be concerned with what it is you should be doing to make these days the best and most fruitful for all persons and beings in it. Keeping in mind the Lucifer and all his host of fallen along with him have already been judged by God. So that also includes any and all works they did anytime,past,present or future also. It’s just like when a prisoner who’s been judged does any works of his own idea or his own creation from within the confines of that prison after God’s Judgement. What ever that judged and incarcerated one makes whether pleasing to creator God or not is subjected to HIM if He’s going to allow it or is going to discontinue it. Annonaki were discontinued as a race soon as they did that similar thing as Lucifer and figured they could just do whatever they wanted,whenever they wanted and with whomever they wanted. So they too rebelled against God from ages past also. So they forfeit and lost their own souls and that right of them to live and live on as a specie.
        Here’s some of the Stuff I was fashioned formed and Birth from.
        Proverbs 8:23-24 HCSB “I was formed before ancient times, from the beginning, before the earth began.” “I was born when there were no watery depths and no springs filled with water.” 8:25-26 NIV “before the mountains were settled in place, before the hills, I was given birth,”
        before he made the world or its fields or any of the dust of the earth.
        8:27 NASB “When He established the heavens, I was there, When He inscribed a circle on the face of the deep,” 8:28 ESV&NLT (combined) “when he made firm the skies above, when he established springs deep in the earth. 8:29 NLT “I was there when he set the limits of the seas, so they would not spread
        beyond their boundaries. And when he marked off the earth’s
        foundations,” 8:30
        Aramaic Bible in Plain English “I was fashioning with him; he was rejoicing in me everyday, and I have been rejoicing before him always.” 8:31 NLT “And how happy I was with the world He created; how I rejoiced with the human family!”
        God is Wisdom personified and enacted put into play even. God is also Freedom and Liberty and Life and Highest most absolute Truth too.
        So Wisdom from Creator Jehovah God now also through Yeshua Christ isn’t just Perfect freedom,Perfect Liberty,Perfect Life and Perfect Living. But it’s also Wisdom Perfected in how wise one is these days in the way that that they live and hold their person or being and their effects. Or if one is not wise? Then they aren’t really free. They aren’t really living. They are controlled and dominated and mastered by their technology they carry and contract with. And or they’re also subjects and subjected to the creators of that tech and the Bank and fiat that sustains them. And now too that isn’t very wise or very prudent or even living knowledgeably. It’s being dominated and controlled and mastered by created things and created persons and created beings instead of by and with and for Creator Holy God. So it’s God and God’s ways? Or what you have by default is Idolatry. And Idol worship always brings about death disease,captivity and slavery to those who insist on worshiping idols.
        So if you’re human folk who’s doing that? Then repent and be baptized if your focus is idols and Idolatry and Idol worship of anything or anyone past,present or future. Or count on being destroyed and forfeiting your own soul/person this life and the life or age or dispensation that’s here too and coming more into play and fruition day by day by the Lord who is the Spirit until Yeshua Christ touches down in full grown human body form as KING of KINGS and LORD of LORD’s He certainly will do right here on earth one last time at His Fathers own Time and Season He alone Knows and Chooses for His Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who’s both man and spirit. Now we are the Body of Christ and we are with His Spirit of we’ve been born again into Christ? Then we are His Children and then also His Heirs. Not only to just His Kingdom,His Government and His Rule and His Heaven and his World. But also to anything and anyone HE so desires to place us with or Head and Ruler over. And that would be The Living and those who should be about living and those who will be yet given over to Living.
        I sure hope that clears some things up for you about me,my place and my mission from God.
        That said. I God of the Living cares very deeply and very much for any who fall away from not doing any of His Will,Command/s,Laws,Precepts,Principals and Nature of God and God’s Natural Law. And He or us with Him also will for awhile call these back to Him who have wandered astray.
        But then their comes times and events and things that happen like what Annonaki did. That amounts to rebellion,disobedience,theft of persons and property as well then who set themselves and their own works up to be worshiped and given all the glory. And that thing that was just should not have been! That’s why it is no longer also. Not among the living. Not among the real life and not among the History of God of the Living that He says is anything worthwhile,honorable and righteous at least in His sight. Because it wasn’t and so it’s not.
        If you really want dead worship then you can have all at that any age and any time and any people or any created thing past,present or future. But if you do that and worship the dead? Then you must also know that you will never achieve your highest and best for yourself,your family,your country and your works or business. And you will not not stay living but will slip into greater death and darkness,depravity sin and sins consequences= DEATH.
        But if you choose that you would like to Live? Then it has to be the way Creator God in Christ says through Himself at the cross for your sins. And then even if your physical body dies? Then you will Live on in the BEST and HIGHEST for eternity.
        Annanakin knew they would never be that One. So they choose not to remain with that One even under that One’s requirements. So Annanakin had have known they were heading straight to Hell sooner or later. And what do spoiled Brat children do no matter how big and strong they are from any age if they can’t have at all the very Best of God’s own in Heaven? Then they take and assume for themselves the closet looking thing to that here on earth. And they try to take all them straight to Hell with them all IN their rebellion against a really good,really great,really awesome most Caring,PROFOUNDLY WISE, INCREDIBLY LOVING and MOST Patient,ONLY CREATOR GOD who’s Holy and Only BLESSED One and that ONLY Source f ALL Blessing and MOST GLORIOUS AND most Beautiful and Best-ist (lol) also.

          • When talking about the God of Creation within that Bible it’s always suppose to be translated Big G.
            All other gods including the Satanic spirit god of this world who’s only that temporarily here in this world down to earth even. That is a small g “god” when translated correctly.
            I know many translations get that wrong.
            But Creator God is always Caps.
            And created god or man or beast or spirit created other then God is always lower case.
            Some proof of that is is found in God’s Word of Truth here. Psalm 96:5 HCSB “For all the gods of the peoples (and or also nations) are idols, but the LORD made the heavens.”
            That’s also saying this. There is but one Creator Holy God who is not Idolatry. And everyone and everything else who isn’t Him and who is used to worship anyone or anything other then Creator God or Christ is to one degree or another also stuck in Idolatry and created Idol worship and false worship entertaining.
            There is what God says actually is even though or even if man does not say or do it. It still remains for God and His purposes at least with His people. And then there is what man says that doesn’t have any root or ground or baring or source from or to Holy Creator God. And that will fail. Always has and always will.
            Because He also says,”apart from me you can do nothing”.
            And I think the nations of the world are tiered of having nothing,doing nothing and large part being nothing. Trouble is God and His ways have been kicked out of everywhere in so called civilized society. And so those places will end up going back to the dirt sooner or later of the people within those so called civilized societies do not repent and get right with God HIS WAY as He tells ALL to do in HIS Reveled written word and Natural law.
            I’m also saying Creator God and Jesus God is always to be used and known as Capital “G”. Because He and They are always Pro Nouns. And PRONOUNS of the HIGHEST PLACE AND HIGHEST ORDER ALSO!
            And any who is less then that even though they or their name too might be a pronoun. They are less then that PRONOUN. And in fact to one degree or another lacking Pronoun and so are a negativenoun or Negativenoun because they’re lesser then who is the Greater and not just necessarily negative but deficit from That One who is always Big G God is what I’m trying to say.
            And nouns can be empowered and so then their adjectives or Adjectives also then.
            Hope that clears it up and your study of HIM and Truth from lie some more?

  2. You wanted the illegal negro in so what else you expect? LAWFULNESS?
    No, you got the opposite. A lawless out of control sodomite negro who has NO BUSINESS UP THERE!!


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