Forex or stocks, which are better for you?

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There is a great deal of choice available for today’s investors and traders. They still have the option of investing in the blue chip stocks that have historically provided a safer long term opportunity. This option can be weighed up against the faster paced attractions of the Forex market. This market is the largest and most liquid on a global basis. It also provides the opportunity for twenty-four hour trading.
Much of the choice between trading in Forex or stocks could be based on individual preferences and style. It is important to seek out as much information as possible about stock trading options and take a look at Forex broker comparison tables on blogs such as to make an informed decision. We are going to provide you with some details which may help you decide between options.

Difference in liquidity

Volumes in the Forex market are around ten times those of all the world’s stock markets combined. This makes the Forex market far more liquid.

Traditional vs non-traditional hours

If your preference is for traditional trading hours then you may be completely satisfied with the trading availability of the stock market. On the other hand, the Forex market gives you the opportunity to amend your position when it is most beneficial to you, no matter what time it is. You do sometimes have the option to do this with stocks but you will often pay extra to change your position after the market has closed for the day.

Long term vs short term

Generally stocks are favoured as a long term, less risk intense option. Blue chip stocks are considered to be the less volatile option and they tend to hold their value even in a more challenging economic environment. On the other hand, Forex trading has more volatility and is well suited to aggressive trading – the Swiss National Bank’s decision to unpeg the Swiss franc from the Euro in early 2015 illustrates how unpredictable the currency markets can be.

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Ease of choice

Many people find it easier to make informed choices in the Forex market; this is because there are fewer options available. Think about it; there are many different industries involved, across all of the global stock markets and all of them have sub-industries. This means that you are faced with a choice between tens of thousands of stocks. This can be a very complicated task. In comparison, there are seemingly fewer options in the Forex market, as you could focus your trades on a basket of currency pairs you are most familiar with.
When it comes down to it there is no right or wrong choice between stocks and Forex. The decision regarding where you want to trade is always going to be a personal one. We have given you some indication about what type of trading you may be best suited to, depending on what your goals are concerning risk and returns. Blue chip stocks can potentially offer you safe long term returns whereas Forex trading offers more freedom and has the potential to offer greater short term returns.
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