No way out – 0 income & 0 support – Italy.

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by RagamuffinR​

Hey everyone,

I don’t see what advice anyone can give to help in this situation but at this point I’m unsure what I can do.

So the situation is I lost my job where I live in Rome, started a business that then had to shut before making any money due to th virus.

I’ve used up all of my savings trying to survive since losing my job and have 0 income despite trying everything to find work remotely, in Italy or even by relocation to the UK.

My monthly outgoings are: Internet and phones: 50 euros Condominium: 150 circa Rent: 800 euros Food: 300-400 month (children) Utilities: 80

Total: 1480 euros basic outgoings

Girlfriend gets 380 euros a month from the government and that’s it, to help with the baby.

We get no other help or support and I have been rejected from financially support numerous times.

Me and my family stopped all unnecessary spending awhile ago and I’ve even borrowed 4500 to try and keep me going and this is almost gone.

All my assets have already been sold, apart from essential things like clothes, cooker and a cheap TV.

To me, this seems hopeless, but do any of you have any ideas? Especially those in Italy.




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