Nobody knows where the next crisis will erupt… here’s how to prepare

by Simon Black

Last week, Paolo Savona, an Italian man no one outside the country had ever heard of, was denied the position of finance minister.

Italy’s President denied his appointment because Savona is anti-euro. The President believes Italy should remain part of the euro.

I wrote a Notes about the entire situation last week.

But the point I discuss in today’s podcast is that this situation should not have been a major deal… but it wreaked havoc across global markets. Even some of the world’s safest assets sold off.

So if this turmoil in Italy can cause such chaos, what will happen when there’s a MAJOR crisis?

How should you prepare?

The event that will end this 10-year bull market will catch almost everybody by surprise. That’s the nature of the beast.

So you must take time now, while you’re still thinking clearly, to come up with a game plan of how you’ll handle the next downturn. Because when the event comes, and stocks crater, it will already be too late… emotions will take over.

On the podcast, I discuss the types of questions you should be asking yourself and the decisions you should be making today.

I also share some of my experiences from my recent travels to Australia, the Philippines and Bangkok.

You can tune in here.