Nobody talking about Trump wanting to give 500 BILLION to blacks?

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On Friday, President Trump unrolled what he refers to as a “platinum plan” for Black America, calling for increased investment in Black businesses and additional capital for Black entrepreneurs. The President also announced support for Juneteenth to be recognized as a national holiday.

But is Trump’s plan to little and too late to convince Black voters to support him?

The President’s speech at the “Black Voices for Trump” rally in Atlanta comes as part of a late push to gain more traction with Black voters. It was also notable for the location where he made it. Georgia, which has historically been a solid Republican state in presidential elections, is an unexpected battleground in 2020, with some polls showing the contest too close to call. Atlanta is also the city where Trump announced “Black Voices for Trump” last fall.

Trump’s proposed plan, which purports to be built on four pillars of “opportunity, security, prosperity and fairness,” calls for a range of measures in support of the Black businesses and families. Included in the plan is a call for almost $500 billion of capital investment in the Black community, with much of it coming from increased federal contracting opportunities and other investments. He also called for 500,000 new Black businesses and 3 million jobs for Black Americans.


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