Non-Human Wars Concern Every Human on Earth – How Long Does Ignorance Last?

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by Thinker
When you experience things that you’ve never been told about, then sometimes it can be a frightening experience. Humans have been kept in the dark and imprisoned without bars with the suppression of the power that is within them. If they were allowed to use even 50% of their brains, what they could do some would call miracles. On Earth it has already been admitted by many governments, excluding U.S. government, that humans and non-humans are living side by side and have for centuries. One race wishes to dominate and has suppressed the powers and thoughts of others to do so, particularly the human who has the most power. Now there are holistic doctors and researchers who are discovering the ways of the non-humans that have held humans in mental bondage.
Everyday discoveries are being made to set the human mind free and the fear among one non-human race is growing. Humans all have the same power as the Man of Love/God in Lagos, Nigeria T. B. Joshua. When they can start seeing the visible and the invisible, that is when they will start to tap into those powers. Understanding who the God of “All” Gods, vibrations that create reality, and unconditional love is the key to peace, prosperity, and unity of all races…Human and non-human. How important is your spiritual life for the year of 2018? Like myself, when you start experiencing and seeing that which is all around you, you will need to understand that you are not alone. It is the year of unity for those who desire love, peace, and unity of all races human and non-human. Come together for “All” Mankind!

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If you weren’t human, what human would you trust with your secret? Humans have only known discrimination, slavery, war, hate, destruction…which non-human species is leading them? Why won’t the U.S. government tell Americans about them? How many non-humans are in the military? How many are commanding officers? What do you really know about the world you live in? Are you human? Do you really know? Does it really matter? What matters is what your actions say about you.


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