NONE of the Covid Injections are effective at preventing disease transmission, serious illness or death. This applies to Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Sputnik 5, Sinopharm, the Cuban, and Iranian versions.

by Ian56

Lithuania (over 60% vaxxed with Pfizer, Astrazeneca, J&J, and vaxx passports), has followed exactly the same disease trajectory as Serbia (44% vaxxed, mostly with Sinopharm, no vaxx passport).
Lithuania is slightly worse with higher vaxx rates and far more draconian Covid regulations.

There is an INCREASE in Covid (and other) deaths when the Covid vaxxes are first rolled out in each country/area.
People’s immune systems are compromised in the first 3 weeks after the first jab.
There is a period of about 3 months after the second jab when the vaxxes provide some minor and short lived protection.
After about 4 to 6 months the Covid vaxxes have DAMAGED people’s immune system and overall health, making them MORE susceptible to Covid and other diseases.
See latest data from Public Health England where vaxxed 40-49 year olds are TWICE as likely to be infected as the unvaxxed.
The latest data from Israel shows the vaxxed are just as likely to end up in hospital with Covid as the unvaxxed.

There is ZERO medical or scientific justification for Mandatory Vaxx orders or Vaxx Passports.
The Covid Vaxxes do NOT stop infections, transmission, serious illness or deaths.
The Covid Vaxxes INCREASE the spread of the disease by suppressing and damaging people’s natural  immune systems.

If they become infected the vaxxed carry much higher viral loads than the unvaxxed (up to 250 times more virus) and are thus MORE LIKELY to infect others by spreading more virus particles.
The vaxxed are also MORE LIKELY to spread the disease because if they become infected and contagious with mild symptoms they will be less likely to self isolate because they have falsely been told the vaxx protects them from Covid.

The vaxxed are MORE DANGEROUS than the unvaxxed as they will be a factory and source for an endless supply of new variants that are vaccine resistant, due to evolutionary selective pressures. The more vaccine resistant the new variants are, the more they will prosper. The virus will only survive and flourish in a highly vaxxed population if it can evade whatever protection the “vaccines” provide.
This is the same scenario as the evolution of antibiotic resistant bacterial “Superbugs” caused by the overuse and misuse of antibiotics. It is the exact opposite of the 100% false Establishment narrative that the variants evolve in the unvaxxed. The number of variants dramatically increased from September 2020 in countries with large scale drug trials and from January 2021 with the start of widespread “vaccine” roll outs.

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The vaxxed are MORE DANGEROUS than the unvaxxed as they may become the source of a MORE DEADLY variant. Normally a virus evolves to become less deadly as it then has more chance to infect the next host before the current one dies.
However with “leaky vaccines” such as the Covid injections this evolutionary pressure to become less deadly disappears and the possibility of a much more deadly variant increases. See Marek’s disease in chickens.

The Covid Injections come with an unprecedented level of severe adverse side effects, 40 times greater than any previous vaccine and greater than the total for all other vaccines put together for the last 20 plus years.

The EU’s EudraVigilance report of adverse reactions is now reporting 27,247 deaths and 2.5 million injuries from the Covid Injections.
The US VAERS system is currently reporting over 12,000 deaths and the UK’s Yellow Card system over 1,600.
All of these adverse events are being dramatically under reported because doctors and nurses are being actively discouraged from reporting vaccine injuries and governments and “public health” agencies are actively covering them up.
The real number of injuries and deaths are probably at least TEN TIMES higher than that being reported, and possibly up to one hundred times greater.
There are no available stats on injuries and deaths caused by the Sputnik, Sinopharm, Cuban or Iranian Covid “vaccines”.

This is the FDA’s surveillance list of potential severe adverse reactions to the Covid “vaccines” included as part of an official presentation in October 2020.
Almost all of these adverse events have occurred numerous times (the exceptions are Narcolepsy, Kawasaki Disease and Arthritis).
Additional adverse events that need to be added include: Miscarriages and Spontaneous Abortions, Brain Fog, Dizziness, Tinnitus, Blindness, Cancer, Prion Degenerative Brain Diseases e.g. CJD, injuries to breast feeding babies from spike proteins transferred by vaxxed mothers in their milk.

What Needs To Happen Now
The mass “vaccination” programs need to be immediately stopped as they are a danger to public health.
All mandatory vaxx orders and vaxx passport edicts need to be immediately rescinded – they are a danger to public health.
People fired for refusing the Covid Injection need to be immediately reinstated and compensation issued for the harm caused.
Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals need to be educated and trained in identifying vaccine induced injuries. No educational training is currently being performed or provided on vaccine injuries by so called “health authorities” anywhere in the world.
Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals need to be encouraged and not discouraged from reporting vaccine injuries to the official Adverse Event Database in each country. This should be a LEGAL requirement (it already is in the US but is routinely ignored). Hospital management or “health” authority execs who do not mandate their staff to fully report all suspected vaccine injuries should face criminal prosecution for Gross Criminal Negligence – they are a threat to Public Health.
The CDC, FDA, MHRA and NHS etc. need to start doing their jobs and start investigating vaccine induced injuries by doing autopsies, D-Dimer tests and other clinical diagnostic tests and investigations on people who have been harmed or died within 28 days of a Covid Injection.
The IT systems currently used for reporting, collating and analyzing vaccine induced injuries need to be dramatically improved – they are currently unfit for purpose.
Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals need to be trained in prevention and multi drug early treatment protocols for flu like infectious diseases. See e.g. MASK+, MATH+, and this

The public need to be educated in:
The very low risk of serious illness or death from Covid for the vast majority of people – Covid has a 99.8% survival rate.
The fraudulent use of PCR tests run at too many amplification cycles to produce huge numbers of false positives. The PCR test was NEVER designed as, and should NOT be used as, a diagnostic tool.
The fraudulent reporting of positive PCR tests as “cases” whether or not the person has any symptoms.
The fraudulent reporting of official Covid deaths which is death from ANY CAUSE within 28 days of a positive test, irrespective of whether they had any Covid symptoms. 80 to 90% of official Covid deaths did NOT die from Covid – they died from something else.
The lack of and fleeting efficacy of the Covid Injections.
The substantial risk of severe adverse side effects from the Covid Injections. The great majority of the population is more at risk of harm from the “vaccines” than they are from the virus.
Early treatment and prevention protocols.
Advice on nutritional supplements. If  everyone had sufficient Vitamin D the number of flu and Covid cases would plummet. Half the Western population is deficient in Vitamin D (below 35 ng/ml), especially the most at risk groups for Covid – the elderly, the morbidly obese and the already severely ill. Vitamin C and Zinc are also vital for a healthy immune system.

All senior staff at public “health” agencies, government “scientists” and “health” ministers need to be immediately fired, prosecuted and jailed for:
Gross Criminal Negligence
Malfeasance in Public Office
Medical Malpractice (denial of effective treatments)
Violations of the Nuremberg Code and various US, European and UK Human Rights Acts by not obtaining Informed Consent for experimental medical procedures. Informed is key – the public has been deliberately lied to and deceived. The Covid Injections are still experimental. Clinical Trials do not finish until late 2022/2023. Robust animal trials have NOT been conducted. The long term safety profile is UNKNOWN. The short term safety profile is already HORRIFIC. The Covid Injections are DANGEROUS and INEFFECTIVE and are a threat to Public Health.


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