North Korea: Two Theories

by Mark Angelides

With the latest information (confirmed by the Pentagon) that North Korea has fired a missile over Japan land into open waters, tensions in the area are running higher than ever. But what is really happening? In this article, we’ll look at two different theories that could answer the question of why Kim Jong Un has decided to make this dangerous play (be warned, the second theory is pretty out there).
Theory One
This is part of a joint effort to firstly bolster his position within the DPRK, and secondly to garner International sympathy towards his country.
The initial part has already been achieved. Kim has shown his own people that he will not back down to threats or intimidation from other nations. Rodong Sinmun, an official in Pyongyang, said: “The US should know that it can neither browbeat the DPRK with any economic sanctions and military threats and blackmails nor make the DPRK flinch from the road chosen by itself.”
The second part will likely come about as a result of near complete condemnation from the more “Hawkish” nations. By portraying any moves against his position, Kim can claim that he is under attack from an American Empire builder. With the current political climate, it is not definite that other world leaders will automatically side with President Trump.
Theory Two (as mentioned, it’s a bit on the fringes)
Pyongyang has been contacted by elements within the United States government and assured that he will face no backlash if he carries out their instructions on launching a missile.
People who wish to depose Donald Trump have hatched a plan to make him the aggressor in a new war against North Korea. They have orchestrated the time, the trajectory and the landing position of the missile to push the president to take some kind of action against an act that can’t rightly be described as “an attack.”
The “Deep State” will push and push until he makes a decisive action (or at least announce one), and then step back. When it all goes wrong (which it will), they will claim this is clear grounds for which to remove him from office.
So there you have it, two theories.  There are, of, course, many more possibilities for why Kim decided to launch a missile “across the bow” of Japan, ranging from his own personal madness, to China’s instruction…But these are my two favourites.
What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.Thanks

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15 thoughts on “North Korea: Two Theories

  1. Reminds us of WW2. Roosevelt told Poland they could harass Germany and would be backed if anything happened. His white house on the other hand was colluding with Stalin and they in turn put an army on the border to invade. ( I guess giving them a large number of manufacturing plants and killing off Ukraine was not enough ) Germany saw this and the stage was set. The pentagon needs to back down for a while and regroup. The waste and corruption there is beyond real and they need to understand this. Extend all wars as long as possible and create new ones if at all possible. It makes me think they are just going to try all old ideas forever until it runs out. Maybe it is the actual controllers have no other plan?

    • I think the US and Japanese politicos are cuck-a-doodle do-ing.
      Look carefully at the video of the Japanese Abe, the US Tillerson, Trump… They look afraid and are cowering. At least they told Drumpf not to cross his arms cradling himself anymore, ffs, cuck.
      The Japanese to assure their public dropped 8 bombs on rocks and held a missile defense drill, put couldn’t knock the real missile out of the sky OVER THEIR OWN TERRITORY. No Japanese person would allow that if they could have disallowed it. I know the Japanese, I worked for a while at BoJ.
      Furthermore, the US tests a new nuke? Seriously. Pathetic. Kim is dug deep, unless they really have those pure gamma burst bombs that deeply penetrate the earth, AND guess right and hit the thousands of miles of tunnels the NK leadership happen to be in (like that failure to decapitate Saddam, what a fk’ing joke) pucker up buttercup, nukes incoming…
      Are we gonna hear like in Guam, to lay on the ground, don’t look at the explosion and don’t breathe in while the BLAST WAVE passes (that hypersonic wave, ha!) or duck and cover! (And kiss your ass goodbye) …
      … Are our govts seriously considering telling us bullshit and let nukes hit our cities? I’ll hold my gov’t responsible, not NK. I hope every citizen notices and stands with me if this unending interventionist hegemony doesn’t stand the fk down.

      • Get you on the stupid long arm reach of the military. I am still not sure that if you constantly kick at something you are more secure. You do have an excellent point on missile defense. I am sure we have plenty of assets in the area right now and Japan has had a long standing fear of a China launch as they should. ( watch movies IP Man and then the documentaries on Nanking ) It is like some things that the current generation has nothing to do with it just like we now have nothing to do with the 150 year old Democrat slavers but the thought is still there. Like the bored watching re-runs.
        Why not start to shoot them down and show some idea that all of those billions spent are working. Just make sure to not shoot down an airliner like they did in the gulf some years back. It is embarrassing to the Navy when the dead naked bodies wash up.

        • Re-read the Japanese military statement. They said, “WE didn’t try to shoot down the missile…”
          Uh, guess that means the US did try and missed…
          You have to understand Japanese psychology to understand, to them, their statement is saying clearly, the US assurances of being able to hit incoming NK missiles was untrue. We relied on them, and they fk’ing missed.
          The Japanese have a very fascist culture. They say more with what they don’t say than with what they do say…you live longer, and stay employed that way.

          • OK. Then our military cannot do a damn thing just like a good percentage of people are thinking. Tiny NK has to test them? How about our money back contractors? Also the cargo ship ramming that is not talked about enough. When has that happened before?

          • You really think in a war zone, our military ships that were damaged are from navigation or right of way errors?
            You really think so?

          • Oh no. I think there is something else going on that is not talked about. Like the Cuba issue right now. Things are a foot and there is no talk on it.

          • I agree if the military man shows you his right hand, watch his left…
            …Russia stopped the US in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan/Pakistan (they didn’t notice that one yet)
            …China stopped the US in NK, various African nations, the Asian Pacific rim, and in a catastrophic military complex way by being the parts supplier to the US military, and it’s only source of rare earth metals…

          • There are plenty right here in Idaho. You just have to talk to the EPA on that. I have myself been out to brown field areas and it is not cool to see a moonscape and know you cannot drink the water. Maybe the idea is to mess up their backyard for a while. What else do you read on the news wire?

          • Mhhms the word so far. NO news is bad news for the US in my opinion. There’s nothing else to report other than cucks threatening “don’t do it again.” after they get punched in the face and don’t defend themselves, so I think the big data feedback from the public is CUCK CUCK CUCK. So they just went dark and are huddling to figure out how to lie now to distract, deflect or deceive.
            I think fracking is to destroy the ability of the pleb to dig a well and have potable water. Same with oil spills and the old nuclear power stations leaking like sieves, with their radiation release alarms shut off so they (sic) “don’t alarm the public.” Nestle has said they want water to be commoditized…

          • OK. I love the cuckadoodle. Point is obvious and anyone who has an IQ over the squirrel in the back yard can tell. Problem is that we have a zombie state walking. These things ( supposed people ) will push and pull themselves all over the place as directed and that is a problem. On your water issue ( I like the DC clear skies idea as one can make a swamp into a lake ) the problem is that you can absorb just as much through your skin as drinking it. Maybe think to move away from toxic. I have been thinking this way.

  2. Simple. Japan needs to politely tell Red China that Japing plans on creating nuclear weapons since the Chi-Coms can NOT control their puppet. LOL!

  3. Theory Three:
    Kim Jong Un isn’t stupid – he has looked at Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia and other places to see what the US government does to a country that can’t fight back.
    So he needs to make the case that he can and will fight back by demonstrating he has missiles that reach far and wide, and he could put any payload he wants on them.
    Is the US Deep State ready to invade North Korea if it’s guaranteed to remain a war in the Koreas? Certainly.
    Is the US Deep State ready to invade North Korea if any attempt to get that war started will mean a nuke hitting a city on the US West Coast before going down? Not so much, they don’t want the American people to experience a war on their own grounds because that would turn pretty much everyone strongly anti-war (guess why post-WW2 Germans tend to be very anti-war… They’ve seen what it does to their country!)
    So why did they fire that missile over Japan instead of a random place in the ocean? Simple: Take a look at a world map. What direction can North Korea launch at?
    North? Far from the sea, the missile would hit Russia.
    West? Any long distance missile would hit the continent, and North Korea certainly doesn’t want to bomb China!
    South? That missile would fly over South Korea, and the tensions between North Korea and South Korea are such that it would be a serious problem.
    East? Probably the least bad option, but it does mean the missile will fly over Japan.
    The only other option would be firing from Changjon and aiming North-East, trying to hit the Sea of Okhotsk or the Bering Sea – but that missile would fly over Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, which is much farther away from North Korea than Japan (making an accidental hit there far more likely than one in Japan).
    Looks to me like this was the “safest” direction in which to fire without doing any damage. A clear attempt to test a missile and show he has it, causing the least trouble he could cause with it.
    But how can we expect THIS media to even understand that even if they wanted to tell the truth?
    (Hint: Switzerland did NOT invade the Czech Republic…)

  4. Two theories of my own:
    1) Kim Jong-Un feels that his father, Kim Jong Il, was a debached embarrassment and failure and is hoping to create some great patriotic crisis upon which he can erase his father’s failures and re-establish the Kim family’s reputation.
    2) Kim has been told by his most trusted advisors have warned him that the country’s problems are insoluble; he has decided to resolve this crisis by throwing in the towel and letting someone else foot the bill for fixing it. However, he cannot abide the thought of being seen as a quitter, so he’s trying to provoke the United States into deposing him so that he can believably claim that things would have been okay eventually under his rule if not for “American treachery”.
    Possible (and rather extreme) addition to theory (2): Kim is planning to create a scenario where North Korea is devastated and depopulated by the American attack. This would be so that no-one could claim to have led North Korea better than the Kim family as there would no longer be a North Korea to rule.

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