Norwegian Scientists Determine that the Color Blue is Faster than other Colors.

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“The Norwegian speed skating team abandoned their traditional red suits for blue ones this Olympics after a report by Norwegian scientists that blue is the fastest color.
While Norwegian speed skater Sindre Henriksen had his doubts about the claim, Norway’s early results show evidence that there may be some truth to the science.
If the Norwegians continue to land on the podium we may see more speed skaters dressed in blue come 2022.”
Blue is faster than red, cause science
“At the expense of anyone who has ever taken a seventh grade science class or possesses common sense in general, Norwegian scientists have thrown caution to the wind by proclaiming that the fastest color in the ever-evolving color-to-speed Olympic algorithm is in fact, blue.
“It’s been proven that blue is faster than other colors,” according to a sprint specialist for the Netherlands, Dai Dai Ntab, quoted in an article by (yes, seriously) the New York Times.”
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