Not a whisper has been spoken about this but Reddit Inc. is about to strike a 150 million dollar deal (potentially 300 million) with a Chinese censorship powerhouse… prepare for HEAVY censorship.

by altFnine

This is a very serious privacy matter you ALL need to be aware of!

For such a massive thing, I’ve only heard echos about it. Not even whispers and this is a really big problem. As if we didn’t need another reason to despise Reddit Inc. even more and as if they didn’t need to give Aaron Shwartz another reason to roll over in his grave (RIP), Reddit Inc. gives us and Aaron yet another reason.

Reddit Inc. is about to strike a deal with one of the most powerful censorship fueled companies in the world. This company is the SAME company that worked/works hand in hand with China to build the infrastructure upon which China deploys its’ intense censorship controls.

The company is called Tencent, “the first ever Asian technology company to pass a $500 billion market value.” Journalist Patrick Howell O’Neill, a journalist employed by gizmodo, states that “the apparently impending Reddit-Tencent marriage is complicated by the fact that Reddit, one of the most popular websites on the internet, is regularly—and is currently—blocked in China as part of the world’s most notorious and sophisticated censorship regime, the Great Firewall of China.”

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Patrick goes on to say, “Tencent is, at great cost and ultimately for great profit, literally reinventing censorship in China. The Great Firewall was not built by the Communist Party in Beijing, it’s built by the tech giants all around China. This opaque but clearly powerful relationship between the $500 billion company and the Chinese government raises interesting and unanswered questions about Tencent’s forays into the West, including questions about Reddit’s future.”

He goes on to say, “Reddit, which in the recent past had numerous executives say the company stood “for free speech,” is of course not alone in receiving the Tencent cash. In addition to Snap and Discord, Tencent’s accelerating investment program has grabbed a piece of over 600 diverse companies globally.”

To read the full article I am quoting from and get more information, click here

So what does this all mean? It means a variety of things. It means that Reddit Inc. will now be controlled and operated by one of the largest censorship ran companies in the world. A company that works hand in hand with China to censor it’s citizens and control what they see and do not see. It means that this company will now have access to all of the information they can collect about you on Reddit.

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As it is, websites like can generate pretty accurate information about you simply based on your comments. It extracts information and puts together a profile. One can assume the same thing will happen with this company but on a much more intrusive scale.

This also means you should WIPE your Reddit profile. Destroy your comment history. How can you do this?

Nuke Reddit History is one option.

Reddit Shredder is a script you can run to do the same thing

Shreddit is another option

Reddit has not been a site for free speech in a long time and this action should be very alarming. If you haven’t already considered destroying your reddit comment history, do so! I regularly do so and will do so again.


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