‘Not fitting their narrative’: Waukesha feels abandoned after tragic parade attack

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WAUKESHA, Wis. — For her whole life, 67-year-old Sharon Millard was so shy, she used to ask her identical twin sister to go on dates in her place in high school.

But ever since Nov. 21, when Darrell Brooks allegedly plowed into dozens of people at the Waukesha Christmas parade, killing six people, including an 8-year-old boy, and injuring up to 60 others, Millard has felt compelled to speak about the atrocity she witnessed.

One of the people killed was Millard’s fellow “Dancing Granny,” 79-year-old Virginia “Ginny” Sorenson, who was tossed up in the air like a rag doll by Brooks’ SUV, police say.

“No one ever saw him coming,” Millard told The Post. “He was going so fast. All I knew is I saw Ginny fly up in the air and land in front of me. I saw her curled up and blood was coming out of her like a river. I was standing in blood.”

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Brooks is a violent 39-year-old career criminal, registered sex offender and amateur rapper from north Milwaukee with a rap sheet going back to 1999, who allegedly punched the mother of his child in the face early last month and then drove over her, leaving tire marks on her leg. Despite the severity of that crime, he was released five days before the Waukesha rampage on a cash bail of just $1,000 set by liberal Milwaukee County prosecutors.


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