NOT GOOD – US grounds all F-35s & UK RAF follows suit

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  • The jet is the world’s most expensive weapons system and costs have rocketed
  • One went down over Beaufort, South Carolina at 11.45am local time today
  • The pilot ejected before the crash and is now being treated by medical personnel
  • Britain has committed to buying 138 of the US planes, made by Lockheed Martin
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The UK has ground its fleet of £120 million F-35 stealth fighters following the crash of a US jet.

The aircraft, which landed in the UK in June, are being examined to see whether they have a faulty fuel tube after the crash of a US Marine Corps F-35B in September.

The jet went down near a military base in South Carolina on the same day the first F-35B jets landed on the HMS Queen Elizabeth- the pilot managed to eject to safety.


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