Not Just Deutsche Bank! Germany Heading To Economic Collapse & Stock Market CRASH

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Shocking video about the economic collapse of Germany and Deutsche Bank Collapse!

Germany’s economic indicators across the board are shrinking. And with Merkel masking a massive tax raise as a political cave to the rising Greens party, the future for Germany’s economic growth looks terrible. Germany is a Dead Economy Walking. The implosion of Deutschebank, then the deluge. Wiping out the EU. Trump will not let the FED bail them out this time. Germany is doing to Europe what China is doing to the world. Germany is the core element of the EU economy. This is not news. What is news is that Germany’s economy is going down the toilet.

The Euro has crashed by 13% since January of 2018. For the reason that so much of Germany’s exports are to other EU countries and they are all jam-packed with debt. Unfortunately, Berlin is pushing through a €53 billion tax increase, including a €1,000 CO2 tax per household per year. I am sure that will do wonders in revitalizing the economy. Moreover, a big miss to the German Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) in March was reiterated by April’s number, which was just as gruesome. The March 22nd release missed by above 3 points to get in at 44.7 versus expected outcome of 48.0 (Anything under 50 is deemed a contraction). Contraction happened (again shocking the market) in February. As a matter of fact, it’s been no more than misses, some of them similarly dreadful, since the start of last year. This is simply the most dramatic of falling German economic indicators. But it’s across the board. Germany is already on the road to economic collapse. Manufacturing PMI print was the most terrible news Angela Merkel could have fancied, 41.4!
A figure so horrific dogs will want to roll on it. Generally, Germany’s economy at the purchasing manager’s level is shrinking. And with Merkel disguising an enormous tax increase as a political cave to the rising Greens, the future for Germany’s economy looks dreadful.

The banks who are forced to buy bonds at these high prices will eventually go under when the bond market bubble pops. A demand or attempt at a government bailout will bring on hyperinflation. The dollar funding crisis is real and expediting, as is the collapse of the German economy. What everyone needs to be concerned about now is the turnaround against the gigantic move into European sovereign debt. These bond yields have resisted gravity all year and cannot be persistent against a declining euro. Germany is in big trouble and with it the whole European Project heading into and economic collapse. The massive debt levels brought on by using a debt-based currency are killing the EU. The US and its vassals are all crashing at the same time, pretending to own gold is not the same as owning gold to pull you out of trouble. A major stock market crash is coming fast, and most of the western world still thinks that printing money would save them. Big economic collapse is coming. The collapse will happen despite the central banks because it is due. Poor old Germany will struggle more because they are used to being wealthier.


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