The Market is BROKEN. Can QE4 Prevent the Global Economic Collapse?

Do you think that the stock market would crash overnight if the Fed said no more QE, and reduction of the balance is coming? If so, what does that tell us about the underlying issues?

If the central banks intervene in the markets, the expectation is that this is forever. There was never any indication that this could be stopped but the admission was always that it’s needed right now so let’s worry about that stuff later. QE is unsustainable and its behaviour is erratic and impossible to control. This was a lesson these countries didn’t need to learn because we’ve seen the effects throughout history. But of course, those who dig deep into the information know why central banks would still persist, full speed ahead. 


U.S., China Move Closer to Trade Deal Despite Heated Rhetoric – BNN Bloomberg

Bull markets often end with a euphoric ‘blow-off top’ rally

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The repo market is ‘broken’ and Fed injections are not a lasting solution, market pros warn – MarketWatch

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Private payrolls growth tumbles in November: ADP/Moody’s Analytics

Private payrolls growth tumbles in November: ADP/Moody’s Analytics

ADP National Employment Report | November 2019

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bfm4D98_1.jpg (976×507)

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2019-12-04_5-23-48.jpg (602×377)

Hundreds of fuel stations in France run dry as oil depot blockade continues – The Local

Japan is facing a ‘death by overwork’ problem – Business Insider


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