Not spending anything for 17 days

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by Gorgonsolaz

So I had about 3700 in cc debt. I paid for an entire semester of classes and some other stuff. I just threw 1500, which was basically my most recent paycheck, at it (minus 50 bucks). I’m not going to spend money on anything except for gas for my scooter (~$3 a tank) and maybe cheap produce if I need food. I’ve been eating out almost daily for the last 2 months so I need to reign that in as well.

If something comes up I have an emergency fund that can pay rent for a few months. I pay rent on the 15th so on my last paycheck I set that amount aside already.

My work feeds me, I have groceries for a while, and I have soylent that could take me into the beginning of next year so I dont have real food expenses right now.

Only other bills are internet ($50) and power ($50). And cat food/litter ($35+$15) but I have lots of that.

I have a gym membership on the card I need to cancel but I’ve been dreading it, even though I haven’t gone in months cos they’re nice people, I moved and it’s much further now and it’s just not practical for me to make it there because they’re class based and my schedule doesnt work with it.

This is the first time I’ve ever had so much on a cc, and I’ve had a laid back attitude about it because “eh I can always pay it back” but for the last couple months it’s been bouncing back and forth. I’d throw in a lump sum payment and feel good then I’d spend a bunch because I’m well under my limit (it’s the amazon prime signature visa).

My credit report went down almost 20 points from high utilization.

I want to start the new year off right so I’m starting now.

The crazy thing to me is that this is more than my student loan debt from trade school, which I’ve just been very lazy about because the payments and interest are so low. My student loans are $2200. I’m so far ahead on payments that I dont even have a minimum payment right now and the last time I paid was july.

I’m going to really try to kill this debt before the end of the year. Wish me luck! tips and tricks appreciated. Have any of you ever done “no spend ” weeks or months?


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