Notice how people on both sides fight so hard to keep the tax code in the US the way it is, full of loopholes? We could actually solve a huge amount of our problems with a flat tax rate.

by FringeCenterPodcast

I know it’s boring legalese shit but we should be talking about how to fix a lot of our issues.

The corruption in elections can be curved if we make them publicly funded only.

Most of our issues from infrastructure to crowded schools can be fixed by a flat tax rate, since most wealthy people use loopholes to pay less taxes than middle class.

Also we could legalize all drugs and tax them.

We could shut down the ATF which has almost no purpose and DEA if we legalize drugs and open a whole new agency with one purpose, hunt pedos.

These are all things that could start turning around the weird direction we’re going in.

The fact that people aren’t pushing something as straight forward as flat taxes shows you that everyone is on the take.

Remember that the richest 25 people in the US made over 200B extra dollars during the shutdown. They profit off of our pain.

Then none of that comes back to us because the tax system is ridiculously skewed towards them.

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So we work, they take the money we pay in taxes through bailouts then none of that goes back in the system for us or our schools or roads.

Flat tax means no more loopholes.

Also we could have a half and half system.

In these theoretical system you could have a rank structure 1-5.

The government would have to spend half of the money it gets from you on those 5 things.

There’s a lot of potential solutions to a lot of our corruption problems.

But if we don’t push or propose concrete ideas then they’ll never have to act.

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