Notice how Zuckerburg completely changes his demeanor in this answer

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Hearing wasn’t under oath. He can lie without consequence.

Things that stick out – He didn’t start his answer with ‘senator’ like every other question, his shakey voice when he says no, and his lawyer nodding his head when he says conspiracy theory.

Facebook in Bed with U.S. Education Department

Facebook has moved on from adults and is now focusing on the private data of elementary and secondary schoolchildren through its Messenger Kids app and the “whole-child personalized learning” paradigm espoused by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI).

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“CZI, a ‘philanthropic investment company’ funded with up to $1 billion in Facebook shares over the next three years, is headed by Jim Shelton,” she writes. “He’s a former program officer at the Gates Foundation and a key Common Core champion in the Obama administration.”

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But that’s just Facebook. Of course, Google, Apple, YouTube, Pearson, Microsoft, and other tech giants are also cashing in on student data mining, courtesy of the federally incentivized Common Core standards – without parental consent.

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