Notice no riots? COPA releases bodycam video of Chicago police fatally shooting man during October domestic disturbance call

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And this one hit national news for a day.
More proof BLM riots were 100% sponsored.

The officer responded to the 7700 block of South Carpenter Street in Gresham after Craig called 911 and told a dispatcher his wife was holding a knife to his neck, according to the audio file.

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“I need the police over here, my wife got a knife on me on the bed, on my throat,” Craig tells the dispatcher, according to the audio file. “My kid is here, and he’s scared.”

He tells the dispatcher one of his kids is home and another is in school and he says he’ll leave the door open for police.

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“She’s got the knife around my neck right now. I can’t move. If I move she’s going to kill me,” Craig told the dispatcher.




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