#NotMyPresident: National Guard soldiers turn their backs on Beijing Biden’s presidential motorcade

by Dr. Eowyn

Yesterday, on January 20, 2021, just like in a corrupt Third World banana republic afraid of its own citizens, Beijing “Joe” Biden was inaugurated “president” of the [Dis]United States of America at the U.S. Capitol armed to the teeth with 25,000 National Guard troops dispatched from all 50 states.

The 25,000 National Guard soldiers far exceeded the number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, which President Trump had reduced to 2,500. If Trump had his way, he would have ended the Afghan war entirely — now the longest war in U.S. history — by withdrawing all U.S. troops from that hell hole.

The National Guardsmen at Beijing Biden’s inauguration were permitted to use lethal force in order to intimidate and prevent the more than 74 million ( 74,222,593 to be exact) Americans who had voted for President Trump, from even peacefully protesting the fraudulent election and inauguration of this tool of China.

National Guardsmen were among the 75 million Americans who were derisively referred to as “chumps” (df: stupid people) by Beiing Biden, and “deplorables” (df: reprehensible, terrible, wretched people) by Hillary Clinton.

How do we know that?

Because many of the National Guardsmen stationed along Independence Avenue turned their backs on PINO (President-In-Name-Only) Biden’s motorcade as it made its way from the Capitol to the White House following the inauguration.

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Independent journalist Cesare Sachetti, who proudly describes himself as “politically incorrect and heretical,” tweeted this video (h/t FOTM reader Tim Shey):

Ines de La Cuetara, who identifies herself as a “multiplatform reporter @ABC,” also tweeted the video.

That National Guardsmen turned their back on Biden’s motorcade is confirmed by News.com.au, Australia’s number one commercial news site, as you can see in the DuckDuckGo search result below:

But News.com.au evidently chickened out because if you click on the link, you get a 404 “couldn’t find the page you requested” message.

H/t FOTM readers Steven Broiles and Jen for the monikers “Beijing Biden” and “PINO Biden”. (See TrailDust’s post, “Name The President“)





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