Now CDC says shot better than natural immunity and protects against variants… The Swedes say otherwise.

So now they’ve figured out how to push it on those that use natural immunity and have allready had covid. Strongly suggest to get jab no matter what. How can the shot protect against variants? All b.s just a way to make ALL receive it.

Snippet from article:

What you need to know
– COVID-19 vaccines provide stronger and longer-lasting protection than natural immunity, according to the CDC

– Experts caution that having COVID-19 does not guarantee antibodies, while the vaccines have been shown to offer protection against serious infections and death, the AP reported

– A CDC study adds that people who were infected and got vaccinated experience a boost in virus-fighting immune cells

– COVID-19 infections can lead to long-term sequelae, scientists said

No biggie….

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The Swedes say otherwise.

Antibodies in Fully Vaxxed With Pfizer, AstraZeneca Decline Steeply After Several Months

Swedish national broadcaster SVT described the new findings as a piece of the puzzle why Sweden and other heavily-vaccinated countries are now seeing more and more breakthrough infections among those who duly received their two shots.

Antibody levels among fully vaccinated people wane faster than researchers previously thought, a major recent study performed in Sweden has concluded.

In total, over 2,000 healthcare employees have been included in the Community Study, whose goal is to learn more about immunity after COVID-19 and the effect of vaccines, inasmuch as how quickly immunity wears off.

For Pfizer-vaccinated people who haven’t had COVID-19, antibody levels were halved after only three months. After seven months, only 15 percent of the original levels remained – a decrease of 85 percent, national broadcaster SVT reported.



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