Now China Wants to Buy Greenland?

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We have entered into some trippy timeline…


China’s envoy to Denmark has penned a harsh rebuttal to his American counterpart, who accused Beijing of seeking to impose “authoritarian values” on Greenland – in stark contrast to an honest US offer to outright buy the island.
The envoy, Feng Tie, hit out at Washington’s Ambassador to Denmark Carla Sands in an op-ed this week after she alleged that both China and Russia have malicious designs on Greenland and the Arctic region as a whole. Sands stated that only increased US influence could ensure a “secure and stable Arctic.”

“It is important to remember that any cooperation is voluntary. China can in no way impose cooperation on Greenland or Denmark,” Feng said, blasting Sands’ claims as “absurd and misleading.”


WTF is going on?


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