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by A2

On Monday, all PRC papers published a speech made by Xi Jinping to a Party meeting in 2014. The speech was a roadmap on the Party’s correct path, but warned that they faced enemies within and without to establishing the China dream. The ultimate collapse of capitalism and the victory of communism with ‘Chinese Characteristics’.

Why now?

There are two interpretations, diametrically opposed for this rather massive propaganda effort. One is that to remind cadres that they must redouble efforts to support the Party/State of which he is the sole arbiter of success. And to show his prescience in knowing that China would face international and domestic difficulties.

The other is that his position is insecure against the growing backlash to his policies, from the militarisation of the SCS, money bleeding out to support the BRI, pushback on Huawei and the ‘made in China policy 2025, Xinjiang suppression, Hong Kong resistance, failed economic policies such as the housing crisis, banking failures, porkgate, and flight of companies and supply chains to the rest of Asia or the US and the increasing pressure points of the trade war that is not a trade war.

Of course you were not paying attention, why would you with all the salacious stuff of US politics grabbing your eyeballs as the next election is gearing up. However some of us have to pay attention.

Perhaps the Chairman of Everything may have a rethink about his chairman for life gambit.

I will put on my Carnac the Magnificent Hat ( Hat-tip to the much missed Johnny Carson), put the envelope against my brow. And answer the unknown question.( insert laugh track).

Answer :Hong Kong

Question: why did Mr Pillsbury go to China?

I surmise, as the so-called ‘unofficial emissary’ he is going to the PRC to sound out the comrades on whether they are willing to back down on Hong Kong, allow Traitor Lam to concede to the five demands and ultimately to restore an important international lifeline to the regime that needs foreign exchange, protects the wealth of the Party elites, gets business back to normal ( Moody’s has downgraded HK to negative and most of that hits PRC businesses globally) and so on and so forth.

As for leverage to the discussions, the bi-partisan Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act that will no doubt be passed in Congress, both aisles. The act allows for individuals who have violated Human rights to be sanctioned by the US. Most of those targets are big bosses in PRC.

As I see it, it presents them with a win win situation before their big Commie celebrations on 1 October.

Over and out.


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