Now WE have DELTA “PLUS”….

New ‘Delta Plus’ COVID Variant Detected In San Francisco Bay Area: ‘It’s At Least As Bad’ As Original

“We don’t know if it’s even worse than Delta yet. When I say worse we think about number one: is it more transmissible? Number two, does it evade vaccines? And, number three, does it make you sicker?”

NEXT, Biden and Fauci will be on TV telling us all to “duck and cover“….. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised to see GODZILLA rising from the sea…..

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The delta plus variant is similar to the delta variant, but unlike delta, this sub-strain has a spike protein mutation called K417N; these spike proteins latch onto human cells with the external bumps that are found on the virus, Fox 5 in San Diego reported.

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