France: Massive anti Health Pass protests are planned nationwide

Health pass: government executives are preparing for a wind of anger

STORY – The validation by the Constitutional Council of the main part of the law has exacerbated a sling of opponents who will march on Saturday. Law enforcement officials are on alert.

Storm warning in the middle of summer. Since the validation on Thursday by the Constitutional Council of the essentials of the health law, a strong wind of anger is blowing among a section of the population. On social networks, the avalanche of messages does not weaken and the words are not hard enough to castigate the “shame pass”, the “dictatorship” which would settle in France as well as the “betrayal of the people by the institutions ”.

-Professor Christian Perrone explains that these injections are not vaccines, they are experiments. The Delta variant will not kill anyone. It attacks those who are vaccinated to maintain the epidemic by selecting variants

He calls on the French to resist.



Vaccinations “pave the way to the most serious diseases”: the words of an elected environmentalist are raising questions.

Debates about the health pass are not calming down. An environmental candidate for the primary, Jean-Marc Governatori, has argued his opposition to vaccination in a controversial video. According to him, vaccination “does not encourage any health education” and therefore “produces diseases”. Words deemed unacceptable by some environmentalists.

Himself “not being anti-vaccine,” the politician develops a reasoning that may seem controversial.

“When we are told ‘get vaccinated and everything will be fine’, we manufacture diseases. Why? From the moment we are told “get vaccinated, everything will be fine”, well then we are not taking proper care of our body, “says the city councilor of Nice.

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La véité censurée (Telegram channel)

Care givers at Nancy University Hospital calling forindefinite strike from August 9 at the call of the CGT

They are on strike against the restrictions of the Health Pass, for the hiring of staff and the creation of new hospital beds.

note: CGT is a Left Wing (former Communist) labour Union. It is interesting to see that hard line Left wingers are joining the movement, invoking their own reasons.


There will be several protests in Paris depending on which political side.

Live streaming now on.

Les Patriotes
Protest for freedom
With Florian Philippot
PARIS 2:30 p.m.
Leaving: place Joffre Military school
(Eiffel Tower)



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