NSW health minister: Coronavirus containment is now ‘unlikely’… BNO NEWS: FIGURES ARE MUCH WORSE 19% death rate (outside of China)

Coronavirus: containment is now ‘unlikely’, says NSW health minister

Man in isolation in Royal Darwin hospital as 95-year-old resident of Sydney aged care home becomes second person in country to die

Authorities in New South Wales are searching for 70 doctors who attended a radiology conference with two people affected by Covid-19 and assessing more than a dozen children who visited a Sydney nursing home where four people have been diagnosed with the virus.

“I think at this point it is fair to say that we do have an evolution happening in the spread of this virus,” New South Wales health minister Brad Hazzard said.

Coronavirus latest updates: Australia warns its ‘worst-case’ scenario is millions infected over several weeks

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Tracking coronavirus: Map, data and timeline

15,865 Cases
297 Deaths
422 Serious
47 Critical

1263 Recovered

= 1560 Certain cases (recovered + Died) (Total)

= 297×100/1560 % CFR

19% Death rate

13 Million British

62 Million Americans

Seriously Scary

Remember the Horrific Videos of CV Patients Having Seizures? Beijing Confirms CV Attacks Central Nervous System Causes VIRAL ENCEPHALITIS.

After 96 hours of treatment (day 14 of the onset), the patient developed frequent twitching of the maxillofacial and mouth angles with persistent hiccups.

On examination, the doctor found positive neck resistance, bilateral pupils and other large contours, sluggish light reflection, increased limb muscle tension, bilateral knee reflexes, bilateral Pap sign and ankle clonus, and no intracranial CT scan. Abnormal, the cerebrospinal fluid pressure was greater than 330mmH2O, the appearance of the cerebrospinal fluid was colorless and clear, and the biochemical test was normal.

Cruise ship with 2000 passengers on lockdown and being held off the coast of CA because of COVID-19

Washington county tells 2.2 mil residents to work from home, anyone over 60 stay indoors