Nurse in Wuhan trying to spread awareness about the Coronavirus. States around 90,000 people are infected by the Coronavirus. Goes on to suggest Chinese government is misleading the public and that the Wuhan region is in desperate need of medical supplies ( disposable goggles, masks, and clothings).

by AssuredlyAThrowAway

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Full translation (courtesy of CanOfBean);

I will try to translate the korean translation/caption as best of my ability as possible

Hello everyone in the world, I am OOO. I am currently in Hubei region where the Wuhan virus spread to. I am trying to tell the truth right now.

Right now Hubei region and surrounding (?) regions have about 90,000 infected people right now

How much do you know about the Wuhan virus’s contagion/transmission potential (?)

If 1 person is infected, and if you are unable to specifically identify the person who is infected by the Wuhan virus and they are not treated properly, the infected person can at least infect 14 people. So in theory it becomes 14 x 14

Currently it is Lunar New year/ Chinese New Year

Everyone in this region all wants to go home and spend their time with their families and eat dinner together

Right now we are in a special (?) situation

I want to tell everyone that is watching this right now to not go outside, including partying (probably for the new years), or go out to eat

We have Lunar New Year every year, so if you are healthy right now you can celebrate it next year with everyone

I will talk about current Hubei region’s medical situation

Currently Hubei and Wuhan region’s medical system doesn’t care about what the government says.

Right now I am asking through SNS (media). Please send mask, goggles, and clothes to Wuhan city

Please help. Please send disposable goggles, masks, and clothings

We are all running out of these

Currently all the doctors at the hospitals, even surgeons, are putting in their efforts to contain/treat Wuhan virus

Please whoever is watching this. Listen to me

During Lunar New Year please do not go outside

The reason I am doing this is because I wish the people I love (mother and my family) to be healthy

I hope everyone understands this

If you are watching this, please spread this video and information

We must know and be aware about this issue.

This is government’s duty (?) (not too sure, my korean to enligsh ability is lacking)

Currently Wuhan Virus is in its 2nd mutation, and we must let people know. I will repeat, you can cure/treat the symptoms at 1st mutation

If 2nd mutation occurs then even worse things will happen, because then not only is one person going be infected, its going to infected everyone around

Then Wuhan virus will spread exponentially

Please do not go outside, thank you

If this account is true this is a truly terrifying situation. World leaders should not be putting their faith in the Chinese government to properly reveal the extent to which the virus has spread, as the CCP clearly has a motive to suppress that information (even if it means killings their own citizens along with citizens in other countries).


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