NWO Sanctions on Russia Will Backfire in a Big Way

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by Chris Black

No more porn, no more super hero movies, no more video games, no more US credit cards, no more social media, no more Silicon Valley apps.

Russia will be the world’s first modern experiment in shock de-Judaization.

The first result will be a mass exodus of English-speaking Millennials.

ZOG claims they will be philosophers, classical composers and scientists like right after the Bolshevik revolution, but in reality, they will be OnlyFans girls, finance speculators, Soundcloud mumble rappers, and George Soros trained digital media “journalists.”

What happens next is up in the air. In the medium and long term, I predict this first nation totally purged of foreign retarding elements will enjoy a history changing Russian renaissance.

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Above the day to day entropy of living in the lunatic asylum that is the modern West, sometimes it’s necessary to remember the only certainties in life are the sun rising in the morning & setting in the evening, the changing of the seasons, and death.

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