NY Dept of Edu fired employees for not taking mRNA, then sent the list to the FBI

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  • The New York City Department of Education marked employees fired for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine with a “problem code,” affecting their ability to get rehired, and also sent that information to the FBI, according to oral arguments from Alliance Defending Freedom Wednesday.
  • John Bursch, an attorney for ADF, pointed out that a particular religious leader’s feelings on the vaccine could impact whether or not an employee trying to obtain a religious exemption would succeed. 
  • “What is really horrible about that is not only does it affect their ability to get rehired by the state of New York, it affects their ability to go to any other employer because that problem code note is paired with their fingerprints as a warning flag and sent to the FBI and the New York criminal justice services,” Bursch told the Daily Caller News Foundation.
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We need to break up the FBI. Split up the duties among smaller agencies without such widespread control

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