NY Federal Prosecutor Preet Bharara Fired By President Trump – He Was Dragging His Feet On Anthony Weiner/Abedin/Clinton Foundation Investigation

by Pamela Williams
All of you, who are crying over the firing of New York Southern District Federal Prosecutor, Preet Bharara, should remind yourselves he had dragged his feet long enough on the Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, and Clinton Foundation investigations. A hearing was to take place on March 7, 2016, as Judicial Watch had requested the records from these investigations. Guess what? The hearing was cancelled!
Bharara was out to make a name for himself by going after New York’s politicians, and he had done exactly that. So when he became involved with the Weiner, Abedin, and Clinton investigation I was elated, because he was a tough guy who seemed to get what he wanted. I wanted Clinton’s scandal to bust wide open, because it involved so many factors including alleged child-trafficking. So to me, this investigation was more important than any NY political investigation. Money is one thing, but human lives are another. Clinton does not need to get away with what she has done.
Lets go back in time and review the Weiner/Abedin/Clinton case.

1.  October 3, 2016: The FBI seizes the electronic devices of Huma Abedin’s husband in a sex scandal case, which will lead to the reopening of the Clinton email investigation.   Federal prosecutors in New York (where Weiner lives) and North Carolina (where the unnamed girl lives) fought over who would get to prosecute the case. The Justice Department gave the case to Preet Bharara, a US attorney in New York.  I was elated, and I had even written an IWB report on it.
2.  In late September 2016, “agents in the FBI’s New York field office understood that the Weiner investigation could possibly turn up additional emails related to Mrs. Clinton’s private server, according to a senior federal law enforcement official.”
3.  Then, on October 3, 2016, the FBI seizes several electronic devices owned by Weiner, including a computer laptop, his iPhone, and his iPad.  When FBI agents search the seized devices, they find thousands of emails sent to or from Abedin on the laptop, because apparently it was used by both Abedin and Weiner before they separated. According to unnamed “senior law enforcement officials,” some of the emails are sent between Abedin and other Clinton aides.
4.  FBI Director James Comey will learn about the emails in mid-October 2016. He will be brief October 27, 2016, and he will write a letter to Congress the next day announcing that he is reopening the Clinton email investigation at least long enough to determine the possible relevance of the emails to the Clinton case. (The New York Times, 10/29/2016)
5.  The New York Times reports that although “agents had discovered hundreds of thousands of Ms. Abedin’s emails on her husband’s computer [out of an estimated 650,000 emails], but investigators expected to seize only a portion of the total. Agents will have probable cause to search only the messages related to the Clinton investigation. Some of Ms. Abedin’s emails passed through Mrs. Clinton’s private server, officials said, which means there is a high likelihood that the FBI has already read them.”It is not clear what the scope of the search warrant is, for instance, if it only covers emails from the time Clinton was secretary of state, or if it includes emails from the years afterwards, which might show evidence of a cover-up.
The Times also reports that “senior Justice Department officials said they would make all resources available to conduct the investigation as quickly as possible, saying Mr. Comey’s letter — just days before the election — gave the matter an unprecedented urgency.” (The New York Times, 10/31/2016)
6.  November 3, 2016: Previously unknown Huma Abedin emails relevant to the FBI’s Clinton email investigation have been found on her husband’s computer.
7.  Comey eventually tells Congress he found nothing.
8.  Clinton loses election to Trump.
9.  Anthony Weiner/Abedin/Clinton investigation remains in the hands of Preet Bharara.
10.Hearing set for March 7, 2016, but it was postponed.
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…warrants investigation.  I mean, imagine – take the Clintons out of it.  Imagine a secretary of defense is making a national security decision similar to this.  And their private foundation takes $145 million from foreign businessmen, I mean, you can bet everybody would be investigated.
MR. DIGENOVA:  I think Peter raises a very important point which gets back to something that was said over here by Jerry.
MR. CORSI:  Right.
MR. DIGENOVA:  All of this has been on the public record for some time.
MR. FITTON:  Front-page “New York Times” story.
MR. DIGENOVA:  Ask yourselves this question: why has not one FBI field office and one U.S. attorney in either Brooklyn, New York, California, Texas or Boston, or Washington opened a grand jury to investigate all of these transactions?  And to me, that is why what Comey did in the Hillary Clinton e-mail case confirms without a doubt that the Justice Department and the FBI have been hopelessly politically compromised.
MR. FITTON:  Well, there have been two stories there that – one, an investigation is ongoing, and then, secondly, an investigation was –
MR. DIGENOVA:  But only recently.  I mean, that investigation allegedly only started –
MR. FITTON:  I don’t know which one to believe.
MR. DIGENOVA:  It’s in the Southern District.
MR. FITTON:  Right.
MR. DIGENOVA:  Allegedly been started by Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney but nobody knows if that’s true or not.  We think it is.
MR. CORSI:  See, the key point – we now know that President Obama to access Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server used an alias.  Now, that’s right there an indication of guilt, I would think, because why would you use an alias unless you’re trying to hide the fact that you’re using a private e-mail server offline to the State Department?
Now, the Giustra case is interesting also because the –
MR. SCHWEIZER (?):  That’s the Russian uranium deal.

OK…I would be amiss if I did not cover another aspect or rumor that is out there about Preet Bharara and an investigation that he was asked to do on President Trump and possible violation of the Emoluments Clause.
“Published reports indicate that the Trump Organization and related Trump business entities have been receiving payments from foreign government sources which benefit President Trump through his ownership of the Trump Organization and related business entities,” according to a letter sent to Bharara. It went on:

“A failure by your office to investigate these reports and to take appropriate action will leave the nation exposed to foreign governments directly and indirectly providing payments and financial benefits to President Trump when those foreign governments may be seeking to influence Executive Branch policies and positions. This is precisely the kind of problem that the Founding Fathers acted to prevent by including the Foreign Emoluments Clause in the Constitution.”

The letter was signed by Noah Bookbinder, executive director of Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington, which sued Trump in January, alleging ethics violations, and has worked hard to keep the issue on the table. Also signing were Fred Wertheimer, president of Democracy 21, and Paul Smith, vice president of the Campaign Legal Center, as well as former Obama ethics adviser Norman Eisen and Richard Painter, adviser to George W. Bush.

Alan Garten, attorney for the Trump Organization, told NPR in an email that the letter was “factually inaccurate, legally erroneous and politically motivated.”
Bharara’s office declined to comment.
The Emoluments Clause says that “no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under [the U.S. government], shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.”
This in my opinion is just another attack on President Trump.  He has done everything he can to break his business ties.  He does not even see his son, Donald Trump Jr., as he is President of the Trump Organization.  What else can we ask from him?  President Trump had every right to discharge those 46 attorneys from the Obama era…even Bharara.  Bharara was a very close friend of Chuck Schumer’s, and Chuck Schumer has done everything he could to destroy President Trump.
It saddens me to think that Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, and Anthony Weiner may get away with all their crimes, but we do have Judicial Watch, who will continue to press on.



2 thoughts on “NY Federal Prosecutor Preet Bharara Fired By President Trump – He Was Dragging His Feet On Anthony Weiner/Abedin/Clinton Foundation Investigation

  1. “President Trump had every right to discharge those 46 attorneys from the Obama era…even Bharara. Bharara was a very close friend of Chuck Schumer’s, and Chuck Schumer has done everything he could to destroy President Trump.”
    Obama cleaned house on a level far in excess of what Trump has done so far. Comparisons of administrations are out there and it’s stunning how Obama fired thousands and put in his “people” and we are bearing witness to that leftover loyalist klepto cabal. Draining the swamp STARTS WITH ridding our government of ALL persons hired under Obama!!!! That’s not mean folks. That’s the reality that must be addressed and the sooner it can happen, the better. From there, we can investigate honestly all the wrongdoings that have occurred in ALL past administrations on behalf of the American citizens.
    This is not going to be easy or quick because the network of “allies” to the Insider controlled establishment will not leave quietly and their friends in the MSM are proving their loyalty in trying to destroy Trump at every turn.
    Keep sharing, expand your voter education efforts and don’t give up, regardless of the chaos that they intend on creating!!!

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