NY governor Cuomo attacks the restaurant and bar industry! no more drinking in bars unless you order food! 3 strikes you our business gets shut!

According to Cuomo, there have been issues with compliance issues in New York City, as well as other areas downstate, particularly with bars and restaurants not adhering to social distancing guidelines or outdoor dining instructions.

Due to these issues of noncompliance, the state is enacting a “three strikes” rule in New York City that if a restaurant is hit with three failing to comply with COVID-19 measures violations, the establishment will be closed down. Restaurants and bars that have received disciplinary action will be posted online.

“There is significant evidence of failure to comply,” said Cuomo. “It’s wrong, it’s dangerous, it’s selfish, and it’s illegal.”

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Throughout the state, it will also be mandated that outdoor dining establishments cannot sell alcohol to patrons that are not ordering food. Walk-up bar service will also be banned. According to Cuomo, both of these actions do not support social distancing and will lead to more mingling between customers.

“Outdoor dining, if they think that meant an outdoor bar, they’re wrong. and that’s the exact behavior that we’re seeing across the nation that’s causing an increase in the virus. So that was never authorized in the first place. Takeout drinks were authorized, but the takeout drinks were you could purchase the container and then the container law, and you can go home and drink it. but there was never an authorization of outside congregant drinking. That was never authorized,” said Cuomo in a later conference.



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