NYC Police Chief who seized Anthony Weiner’s laptop resigned from the force to take up a cushy job at a Clinton firm

via thedailybeast:

A shady firm with deep ties to Bill and Hil made lifelong cop Bill Bratton an offer so good, he left the leadership of the country’s largest police force. What’s next?

New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton got results as the city’s top cop, driving down crime under two mayors. But Bratton, who announced his resignation from the force on Tuesday, might put his reputation as a GOP golden boy at risk with new job at a secretive consulting firm founded by some of the Clinton family’s shadiest cronies.

After he officially steps down from the force in September, Bratton will lead a new risk-management division at consulting firm Teneo Holdings—a “dream job,” he told The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday. (He didn’t say how many gazillions of dollars they offered.) But the Teneo dream might be a well-funded fantasy, some of the company’s critics allege.

Teneo—which bills itself as a nebulous consulting network on everything from corporate communications to investment banking—is a revolving door for Clinton staffers and Clinton money. Teneo employees have been accused of treating Clinton fundraisers like recruitment fairs, abusing state ties to get clients hired into plush government gigs, and leveraging the Clinton name to score big contracts. The company is so intertwined with the Clintons that some accuse its founders of tacitly marketing the firm as a means of accessing the political power family: pay for Teneo services and make Clinton connections in return.

It’s an awfully strange set of bedfellows for a cop who’s been lauded for decades for his leadership in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. For a while, there was even a rumor going around that the British Prime Minister wanted him to lead London’s police department—a job not ordinarily offered to yanks. But that’s how good Bratton’s reputation is.

We’ll see if he can hold onto that image in his new racket.

Teneo is the product of two close Clinton advisers: Bill Clinton confidante Doug Band, and Hillary Clinton envoy and fundraiser Declan Kelly. Other Clinton power-players have also held roles with the firm: Huma Abedin, Hillary’s right-hand woman and current campaign vice-chair was on Teneo’s payroll in 2012, in addition to her role at the state department.

The suicide of 5 senior NYPD cops in the past 2 months is also very disturbing. May they rest in peace.

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