NYCs New Mayor Eric Adams is about to make boosters MANDATORY FOR WORK,as he blames the omnicron virus

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Mayor Eric Adams said Sunday amid skyrocketing city COVID cases that his “next move” will to mandate booster shots for municipal workers.

“We’re going to examine the numbers. If we feel we have to get to a place of making that mandatory, we want to do that,” he said on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.”

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The state said 37 people died from COVID in the Big Apple.

Last week, Adams issued executive orders cementing his predecessor Bill de Blasio’s vaccine policies — including the “Key to NYC” program that requires proof of vaccination to enter many indoor venues. and COVID-19 vaccine mandates for public- and private-sector employees.

On Sunday, Adams reprimanded the minority of New Yorkers who have so far refused to get their shots.

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“I say to those who are not vaccinated: Stop it. It’s time to get vaccinated. It’s time to have the booster shots. You endanger yourself, and you are endangering the public and your family as well.”


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