NY’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Shocking Win & Voice Not For Unity, But Division?

by Thinker

Joe Crowley did a Hillary Clinton, when he took it for granted he was going to win.
Democratic primary winner for New York’s 14th district Democratic primary winner for New York’s 14th district Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was a surprise, but youth is showing that she isn’t a Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Not calling for unity of the people, she is listening to what she may believe is mentoring, but her words are not the ones that the Creator, nor the non humans of this planet want to hear. A politician who really dosesn’t know the planet she lives on or the people who live in her borough and the surrounding ones. Prejudice against an organization/party??? What is she saying to the children? It’s okay to say your better than someone else due to affiliation? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is the mentor that approves her words of keeping America divided and not supporting the sitting president of the United State.

Speaking out about the immigration when she is unaware of how many families are separated by the social services in the United States. Shouldn’t one take care of its own before it tries to care for others? How can one be successful with another, when they aren’t successful with their own. Social Services of the United States is broken and Foster Care filled with children departed from their families and not adopted speaks for itself. Advice for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Thank the president for telling the truth, and if you want to talk about disrespect, wasn’t it your opponent who didn’t show up to debate you? Wasn’t that disrespect? Treat others as you wish to be treated…thank the president…you were given a compliment.

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Hot off her win, Alxandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t putting her money where her mouth is talking about people shouldn’t be poor in America. Has she taken the time to look at the history of the past eight years under the Obama/Clinton administration. What has been squandered for wars of profit and greed and lost by the Pentagon, could house, feed, and clothe every American! What we need is someone to be accountable for the over $9 trillion dollars that has gone missing under the watchful eyes of the Democratic party. Another candidate elected that isn’t into turning the other cheek and unity, but division of the “Deep State” goes on.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez: Trump Isn’t Ready For A Girl From The Bronx

Health Care? How many holistic doctors have died trying to bring cures for diseases that generate millions? How many college students are waiting tables from lack of jobs. Who isn’t for change and calling for the support of the president?


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